Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 1197

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Chapter 1197

“For a few years, he deliberately avoided you, just because he was afraid that he would hurt you. Later, my health condition got worse and worse, Irene wanted to help me realize my last wish.”

“When I grew up in an orphanage, I wanted a home. Zhengzheng married me. He just wanted to repay me.”

“The magical thing is that Zhengzheng’s illness appeared miraculously and recovered. I think Zhengzheng didn’t file for a divorce with me at that time, because he took care of my body. Because he is such a kind boy.”

“Janice, nothing happened to me and him.”

Janice tears like rain, “Sister Xiaoyu, I know, I know all about it.”

Xiaoyu was relieved. “That’s good.”

Holding both hands tightly together, Janice burst into tears and smiled, “Sister Irene told me everything. Sister Xiaoyu, I don’t care. From now on, I will be the same as Sister Irene, and I will recognize you as a sister. From now on, you will be my sister.”

Xiaoyu nodded with emotion, “Yes.”

When Janice came out of the ward, she found that Irene was leaning on the wall next to the door panel.

Seeing Janice, Irene opened his mouth to say something, but Janice immediately stopped him, “You go in quickly. Take good care of Sister Xiaoyu.”

Irene had to swallow the words in his heart, and a touch of sadness drifted across his eyes.

Nodded and turned to enter the house.

Janice left the hospital with touched tears.

In fact, she also wanted to talk to Irene, especially when she knew that this man loved her so selflessly, even if he was helpless to her in the past, Janice felt more distressed for Irene.

But Janice felt that at this moment, any intimate behavior between her and Irene was a blasphemy against Xiaoyu’s kindness.

Imperial Capital Experimental Foreign Language School.

After Jason heard from Guan Xiao about Faith’s class school, he drove a Rolls Royce to the school to pick up his sister from school.

When the school bell rang, the school gate was crowded with parents.

Jason was in awe when he saw the crowd next to each other, hiding in Rolls Royce and watching outside.

When Faith walked out of school as usual, she was looking forward to it, but she didn’t see the figure of Ye Feng’s brother, and there was a touch of sadness in her beautiful eyes.

She stood outside the school gate for a while, but for such a short stay, a group of boys surrounded him.

“Zhan Zitong, our boss likes you. The boss invites you to his bar tonight.”

Faith said impatiently, “Didn’t I tell you? I have a boyfriend. My boyfriend is very good at hitting. Just you group, he can knock you all to the ground with one hand. I advise you to hurry up. Get out of here, or my boyfriend will pick me up in a while and I’ll beat you up.”

“Oh, we are so scared.” The group of people suddenly took out their knives and dangled them on Faith’s face.

Faith closed her eyes with fear. “What do you want to do?”

“Call your boyfriend over, we would love to see how good he is.”

Jason kicked the car door and walked over with a handsome face.

“I’m coming.”

Faith opened her eyes suddenly, and when she saw Jason, she was shocked.

The group of people turned to look at Jason, “Are you really Zhan Zitong’s boyfriend?”

Jason glanced at Faith, and suddenly pulled Faith into his arms domineeringly.

Admit without hesitation: “Yes.”

The group looked him up and down and sneered, “It looks really good. It’s a pity that this thin skin and tender meat can withstand beating?”

Jason said: “Try it and you will know.”

“Damn, it’s so arrogant. Are children now so reckless?”

Faith counted the other’s heads, twelve in total.

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