Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 1198

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Chapter 1198

She had already determined that Jason was not the opponent of this group of people, and immediately opened her arms and blessed Jason behind him.

The drama Jing Faith began to get up, and suddenly the style of painting changed, and she flattered the group of people, “A few big brothers, my boyfriend can’t fight. If you adults don’t remember the villains, don’t you just go to bars with you? Go, I will go now.”

Jason stunned.

Angrily glared at Faith, “What are you doing?”

Faith handed him a whisper, “Brother, the hero doesn’t suffer from immediate losses, you run quickly. My rough skin doesn’t hurt. You go.”

Jason: “…”

This girl originally wanted to protect him.

Jason’s domineering Ling picked up Faith’s neck and moved her behind him like a chick, and said, “You know I have obsessive-compulsive disorder. Your face is injured. Don’t come to see me in the future.”

Faith wanted to cry without tears.

It’s strange for her to be disgraced when she met these rogue scumbags today.

Unexpectedly, Jason suddenly started.

Wuying kicked out, and his jade-like body shuttled between the bad boys like lightning, almost in the blink of an eye, Jason had already returned to Faith calmly and stood beside him.

Faith was surprised that her mouth opened into a standard circle, “Too handsome.”

Then she jumped onto Jason like a koala, “Derek, your martial arts have improved again.”


Jason’s face turned black, mercilessly throwing her to the ground.

Faith fell to the ground and looked at Jason suddenly, “Why are you throwing me? Am I your sister?”

Jason squatted down and pointed to his face, “Who am I?”

Faith held Jason’s face in both hands, took a closer look, and said suspiciously: “Weird, people are less cruel and have a cold temperament, which is clearly Jason. But Jas can’t fight? It’s Derek who can fight?”

Jason stood up and pulled Faith up.

Cool said: “Go home.”

Faith: “Wait a minute.”

Faith kicked the group of teenagers curled up on the ground, and said, “You know that my boyfriend is great. Go back and tell your boss, stay away from me.”

When Jason heard the voice of Faith’s fake tiger, Yeli’s smile appeared on the corner of his lips.

Really a chameleon.

When Faith returned to the Rolls-Royce, the surprise of the brother and sister reunion was overwhelming.

“I see, you are Big Brother Jason. Right?”

“How did you guess it?”

Faith looked arrogant, “I’m smart.”

Glancing at Jason’s black eyes on the iceberg, Hua Yu Tongbao started talking to himself without asking the bottom line.

“You are becoming more and more like daddy now, with thousands of miles of snow covered your brows and eyes, as they said, it is a refrigerant for walking. Only in the battle of the war can you feel so cold. And Derek, it is like Huo Jiao Yang, he loves to laugh, and his smile can heal the heartbreak of others.”

Jason’s eyes darkened, and when he mentioned Derek, the picture of his first encounter with Derek appeared in his mind.

Faith is right. Derek is the scorching sun, the dawn, and a beam of light that travels through his dark career.

But how could such a cute Derek disappear?

“Derek hasn’t heard from him all the time?” Jason asked suddenly sourly.

Faith, who was so energetic, suddenly felt sad, “Mommy has been sending people around the world to find him. But nothing has been done. Mommy would cry when she mentioned Derek, and kept crying. Later, we dared not mention the cold again. Treasure.”

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