Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 964

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Chapter 964


These words instantly changed the complexion of Baishan’s family.

They knew that the last time Shaun offended Bai Chen had already spread.

They just didn’t expect it.

Even Chang Yuan had heard of it.

“Senior, you are from Jiangnan City, and you should be most familiar with the Jiangnan Bai family! Do you think the Bai family will think of revenge with Shaun?” Elvira’s pretty face was pale.

What she worries about most is Shaun’s safety.

Even Baishan and Paula next also looked towards Chang Yuan, and their expressions were extremely nervous.


Chang Yuan shook his head pretentiously, then glanced at Shaun with regret, as if he was looking at a dying person:

“Elvira, you don’t know the tyranny of the four hidden giants! Although the Bai family has begun to fall into disarray, it is still not something ordinary people can provoke!”

“White angels will die if you recruit them, and you will get hurt if you go against them! What’s more, I heard that this time the white angel’s three groups were wiped out, and the Bai family must have fallen to Shaun!”


Hearing Chang Yuan’s words, Baishan’s family had a lot of sweat on their foreheads and their complexions were pale.

This is more than that.

“In addition to the white angels, the Bai family’s network of military, political, and business relations is even more terrifying!”

Chang Yuan said solemnly:

“Samsung battle general Baihu, led ten thousand sergeants, assistant Donghai, is unmatched!”

“A four-star boss proudly stands in politics, covering the sky with one hand!”

“It can be said that Shaun going to Jiangnan is the same as calling for your death. As long as the Bai family sees him, he will be completely over!


These words of Chang Yuan fell in the ears of Baishan’s family, like a thunderstorm, and the family suddenly felt that their eyes were dark, and they almost fainted with fright.

What to do now?

Elvira glared at Shaun reproachfully.

She was unwilling to bring Shaun on this trip. This guy has to die by himself. Isn’t this looking for death?

“Senior Chang Yuan, can you save my husband? Nothing should happen to him!”

Elvira looked at Chang Yuan almost beggingly.

And Paula and Baishan on the side also seeing Chang Yuan as their only hope to save Shaun.

“In this matter, I can only do my best!”

Chang Yuan nodded lightly, with a deep look:

“But as for the result, it can only depend on Shaun’s fate!”


Chang Yuan turned his head and glanced at Shaun again, his eyes filled with pity, ridicule, and contempt.

As if in Chang Yuan’s eyes.

Shaun is like an ant about to die, making him happy and excited.

But he did not find out.

Although Shaun didn’t say a word, his expression was extremely strange.

He looked at Chang Yuan more like an idiot.

Time passed slowly amidst the concerns of the Baishan family.

One hour later.

The plane began to come down gradually and entered the area of Jiangnan City.

When the plane landed at the airport.

Shaun said to Elvira and the others:

“Parents, wife, I will help Grandpa deal with it first! Later, I will go to the hospital to make peace with you!”

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