Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 963

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Chapter 963

Hearing this.

Paula, who was next to him, did not hide it, sighed and said:

“We are going to visit Elvira’s grandfather! He went to Jiangnan City to discuss cooperation, but he did not expect that he was almost beaten to death by a rich young man!”


This sentence made Chang Yuan’s eyes suddenly light up. He patted his chest and said excitedly:

“Uncle and Auntie! Don’t worry, let this matter to me. Jiangnan City is my Changyuan site. Who can dare to not give me face!”

“I will let that kid come and apologize to you people!”


Chang Yuan’s words completely bluffed the Baishan family. They didn’t expect that Chang Yuan had such a great ability.

“Senior Chang Yuan, I heard that a wealthy family is very powerful, do you really have a way to make him lower his head?” Elvira looked at Chang Yuan expectantly at this moment.

In her impression.

Among the group of students in their university, this senior Chang Yuan is the most beautiful.

Not only Elvira.

Baishan and Paula next were also looking forward to it:

Feeling the look of expectation from the three of them, the smile on Chang Yuan’s face became more intense:

“Hahaha… Elvira, you look down upon me too much! I tell you, in Jiangnan City, almost all the wealthy people have something to do with me more or less!”

“As for those rich and young, unfortunately, I am not familiar with! Don’t worry, when we get to Jiangnan City, I will go to the hospital with you. I will definitely let the rich and young family pay the price!”

Chang Yuan is confident.

Hearing his words, the Baishan family got overjoyed, and chatting with Chang Yuan became more enthusiastic.

They just didn’t notice.

Shaun next to them heard a ‘didi’ information prompt.

When Shaun turned on the devil’s machine and took a look, he saw a text message on it:

‘Shan Lin, the Jiangnan Airport has been blocked, and the two war gods, Dragon Commander and Tiger Commander are leading the assembly of the Dragon and Tiger Second Division Army! ‘

‘Liu Zhen on the Jiangnan No.1, Ma Yong, the richest man in Jiangnan, Shengshi, Lanshan, Tian and other eight chaebols, look forward to welcoming Mr. Lin! ‘

This text message looks extremely ordinary.

But the meaning inside, if someone sees it, it will surely blow their eyes.


There are four major military seats!

Eight Gods of War!

Long Shuai and Hu Shuai are the two famous war gods guarding Eastern China.

Who can imagine that the two great war gods will come, leading the most elite Dragon and Tiger Second Division, blocking the entire Jiangnan Airport, and waiting for Shaun?

Not to mention, there are also No. 1 Liu Zhen, the richest man Ma Yong, and eight chaebols.

If this news spreads out, it will definitely shake the whole of Jiangnan.

And now!

Shaun just glanced at the text message lightly, then put the phone away.


When all the people were seated, the plane took off soon.

It’s just that Chang Yuan’s attention has been on Elvira’s body, constantly talking to Elvira.

Until he found out that Elvira seemed a little impatient.

Chang Yuan’s eyes turned, and then he locked onto Shaun’s body:

“Brother Lin, I heard that you offended the Jiangnan Bai family some days ago?”

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