Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 1751

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Chapter 1751

Jacob looked at Zheng Ling’s blushing face, and squeezed her cheek indulgently. He smiled and said: “You were in our house when you were a kid, drunk, climbed trees and picked birds, and secretly cut grandpa’s beard…Have you done less shameful things? Not bad.

Zheng Ling: “…”

Childhood memories, those past events left in the Tourmaline Manor, came out of my mind like a screening.

When she was a child, although she was a good student with both good character and academics, she mingled with Yan Zheng’s stuff when she was a kid. Yan Zheng never knew how to do a serious thing, so he got Zheng Ling crooked.

All of Zheng Ling’s entertainment projects are related to boys.

It is rare to sit down quietly like a girl.

If it were not for Jacob, she would not have become a lady.

“Let’s go.”

Jacob dragged Zheng Ling to the outdoor restaurant of the Philharmonic Castle.

Old lady Zhan was sitting in a wheelchair, and seeing them walk in hand in hand, the old but elegant face showed a gratified smile.

“It has been twenty years, and I haven’t seen the scene of Zheng Ling and Jacob holding hands in front of him. Now that I saw it again, I felt like a world away.”

“Jue’er, Lingbao. Come here. How long have you been tossing about last night, why did you get up so late?” The old lady is getting older and younger, but his mentality is getting younger and younger.

Zheng Ling’s face instantly blushed into a monkey ass.

Jacob took her to sit down and rubbed her head and said: “Grandpa don’t make fun of us. My family is shy.” Grandpa

Zhan laughed loudly, “Isn’t my face thicker than the city wall when I was young? Now, why is this face getting thinner and thinner?”

Zheng Ling hid her face in Jue Zhan Han’s arms, “Brother Jue, take care of Grandpa.”

Grandpa Zhan talked about an interesting story in the past and said: “Zheng Ling, you ran to Tourmaline Manor when you were a child, and blatantly said to your grandfather: Grandpa Zhan, let me tell you that I am fond of your precious grandson. From now on he will be mine. People. You are not allowed to find him a daughter-in-law. Where did the courage go at that time?”

This is the first time Jacob has heard of this story. Shocked as petrified.

“When is this happening?” Jacob asked in surprise.

Grandpa Zhan looked at the shy Zheng Ling, “You ask your wife.”


Zheng Ling originally thought that she would return to the Tourmaline Manor, and that she should easily control the mature woman route at her own age. But the old lady tore off her fig leaf piece by piece.

Zheng Ling gave it up.

Taking away the hand covering her face, she replied shyly: “The facts have proved how far-sighted I am. Otherwise, Brother Jie and I will definitely be separated.”

Jacob picked up a piece of rice cake and fed it to Zhengling, who was also very supportive of Zhengling. “Yeah.” The old lady glanced at Jacob. Seeing his charming peachy eyes smile brightly, Jun’s face is filled with happiness.

Jacob’s love for Zheng Ling seemed to become heavier and more intense with the passage of time.

Grandpa Zhan teased his grandson-in-law, and started teasing his baby grandson again. “Jue’er, laugh if you want to laugh. What do you do while holding a smile? Your little daughter-in-law used to do more than one stupid thing. If you want to know, accompany me to play more chess. I will tell you slowly. “

Jacob stared at Zheng Ling, “Don’t laugh.”

Jacob suppressed his smile. “I did not laugh.”


War the old man began to tell another wonderful thing Zheng Ling, “Zheng Ling ah, you have to eat more. I can still remember you owe me a promise.”

Zheng Ling buried her face in the bowl. When she was a child, she didn’t close the door, and she said just like farting. The promised things are gone.

Now grandpa is clearing her old account with her, and she doesn’t know what he said.

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