Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 1761

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Chapter 1761

“Damn it, damn it I have never seen such a strong murderous in my life. How did you provoke such a monster?”

“This is not a human at all! It is a devil!”

Mei Yingxue, etc. Everyone was frightened. Lin Fan’s state in front of him was like a murderous madman, and people couldn’t help their scalp tingling at the first glance.

“Lin Zongrui, are you dumb? Find a way!”

Mei Yingxue yelled at Lin Zongrui, she is going crazy at this time, shouldn’t believe this Idiot nonsense.

As a result, she ended up like this!

But Lin Zongrui had a relaxed expression on his face, and said disdainfully:

“What is it, isn’t it a great master?”


Mei Yingxue looked at Lin Zongrui in disbelief, it was already this time, and Lin Zongrui didn’t even care.

Is there any other means for this guy to fail?

Thinking of this, Mei Yingxue was ecstatic, and then said:

“Lin Shao, if you have any means, please use it!”

Lin Zongrui looked at Lin Fan condescendingly, as if looking at an ant:
“Even if you are a great master, you can’t change the fact that your bloodline is low. A bitch like you is not worthy of being compared with aristocrats like me!”

“Now, I will let you see the power of the nobility!”

Lin Zongrui patted his palms directly.

And then!


There was a terrible roar from outside!

Several helicopters appeared at the same time, there were countless armored vehicles, and even tanks!

This is simply a small army armor!

Seeing that crowd of people crushed by the black, everyone was completely stunned. It seemed that they couldn’t believe that Lin Zongrui was able to use such power in a place like the imperial capital.

It can be called the hands and the eyes!

The temple is really terrible!

After seeing the other party’s uniform, Mei Yingxue and others were completely stunned.

“The dark hall! This is a branch of the temple, which is responsible for assassinations!”

It is said that this mysterious assassin organization once assassinated a country lord a long time ago!

Seeing this, Zhang Jianjun couldn’t help but change his expression and said angrily:

“Lin Zongrui, you dare to bring mercenaries into China, you are breaking China’s laws!”

But Lin Zongrui didn’t care, and sneered:

“Who knows? After today, these people will disappear completely, as if they have never appeared before. Who will find them again?”

“Zhang Bu, I am to you and me? I’m respectful, so I hope I don’t want to be boring and leave as soon as possible.”

“It won’t be good if the sword loses eyes for a while and hurts you by mistake.”
And Zhang Jianjun just smiled:

“Only you, want to be an enemy of Mr. Lin, you don’t take a piss to take pictures of your own virtues.”

With these words, Lin Zongrui immediately became furious:

“My parents are all nobles, and my body is also dripping with noble blood. Why does this wild breed compare to me?”

Lin Fan and Zhang Jianjun both laughed. They didn’t know how superior Lin Zongrui really was, they kept talking about blood.

It’s as if he is full of royal blood, which is ridiculous!

Zhang Jianjun sneered directly:

“You pretend to be high-minded, thinking that if you have the Lin family and the temple to support you, can you be defiant? I tell you, compared with Mr. Lin , You don’t even deserve to give him shoes!”

“I advise you to apologize to Mr. Lin immediately, otherwise, you Lin family will really end up!”

Listening to Zhang Jianjun’s humiliation, Lin Zongrui was completely furious!

Ask him, a natural nobleman, to apologize to Lin Fan. What are you kidding? What qualifications does this stubborn species have to make him apologize?

This is ridiculous!

“Zhang Jianjun, since you’re shameless, don’t blame me for being rude to you. Come here, along with this old immortal, will be slaughtered for me!”

“As for Lin Fan, you wild I won’t let you die too easily. This time it’s your mother’s bones, and next time its Bai Yi’s head.”

Lin Fan’s eyes were cold suddenly, sternly said:

“You have no chance!”

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