Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 1762

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Chapter 1762


Lin Zong Rui was stunned. He originally thought that Lin Fan would be paralyzed when he saw this situation, but he didn’t expect that this guy would even dare to threaten him?

It is simply looking for death! /”Dog things, is it possible that you think you can kill me alone if you are alone?”

“I have four masters alone. Why do you?”

“And now!

Lin Fan sneered and said:

“I will tell you, why should I!”

As soon as the voice fell, there was a scream of screams resounding outside.


Lin Zongrui and the others changed their expressions wildly, and then quickly looked out the window, and suddenly saw a piece of blood clothes slaughtering the members of the temple.

The head of the person was particularly dazzling. The moment they saw him, Lin Zongrui and Mei Yingxue couldn’t help but numb their scalp.

That turned out to be… the mad god of blood hell!
Impossible, this is impossible!

How could their temple’s old enemy suddenly appear here?

Then, Lin Zongrui looked extremely horrified Lin Fan:

“You…how can you use the power of the blood hell, who are you?”

The mad gods of the blood hell are here, he is from the blood hell the leader, who is directly under the orders of the King of Blood Prison, besides the King of Blood Prison, who has the right to mobilize him?

What is going on?

And at this time, the mad god of blood hell had broken the throat of a great master, and was grinning at them outside the window.

This directly makes Lin Zongrui about to explode!

“A dead person, you don’t need to know so much!”

Lin Fan looked indifferent, and then shouted violently. :

“The Blood Prison Hearing Order, slaughter all the members of the church and the Mei family!”

“Leave one!!!!”


Lin Zongrui and Mei Yingxue were completely shocked when they heard the screams resounding.

They all thought they would eat Lin Fan, but they didn’t expect that Lin Fan would be qualified to use the power of the blood hell.

Even the mad god of blood hell has come out himself!

This is driving them crazy!

Lin Fan, how could there be such an ability?

This guy is obviously a wild species, even if he is a great master, he is not qualified to associate with the entire blood prison.
What the hell is going on?

And the blood prison mad god brought this time, but the strongest in the entire blood prison, is now massacring the members of the temple.

Faced with such terrifying power, the temple has no room for resistance!

He was slaughtered by the blood prison in less than a minute.

Even the four great masters were deadly wounded, and the only ones left were already holding their heads in their arms, and they had no intention of fighting.


Mei Yingxue fell to the ground in despair. After seeing this scene, she had already expected her ending.

She looked at Lin Zongrui very bitterly:

“Lin Zongrui, the last thing I regret doing in my life is to cooperate with you as an idiot!”

If this guy was not so conceited, but assassinated Lin Fan by surprise, maybe they wouldn’t be facing such a situation now.

But now, it’s too late to say anything!

The blood prison slaughtered the temple to all, then they were next.

At this moment, Lin Zongrui was already too scared to speak, and the scene before him was completely stunned.

He thought he had a chance to win and would kill Lin Fan!

But he didn’t expect that this wild species could mobilize the power of the blood prison, and even the mad god of the blood prison would bow to him. This is simply an illusion!

I’m scared!

Lin Zongrui is completely scared!

Lin Fan now has the power to contend with him, and now Lin Fan will definitely kill him at all costs.

After all, he did such an excessive thing!

“Lin Fan, behind me is the sanctuary. If you dare to kill me, you will be an enemy of the entire sanctuary. Even if there is blood hell to support you, you will still die!”

Lin Zongrui quickly warned Lin Fan.


Lin Fan sneered, then took a knife, and then severely chopped it down at Lin Zongrui’s shoulder.

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