Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 1754

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Chapter 1754

“You are not afraid that I will get drunk and have sex after drinking…”

“Don’t be afraid. You have a hygienic disorder. You and Qiulian have been together for so many years under the same roof. I can sit back and relax. I believe you.”

Jacob: “…”

It seems that the sense of security he gave her is a bit too much.

“Cheng Ling, come here and let me hug you.” Since Zheng Ling couldn’t understand the roundabout words, then she should express her needs directly.

“Wait a minute. I’ll make the nest of Sorbus. It will have a home tonight.”

Jacob suddenly felt no love.

At this time, Xiangdingyuan came.

“Master Sir, the eldest lady invites you to have dinner with her tonight.”

The five sons of the old grandfather Zhan, the largest in the city, his wife was honored as the eldest lady by the subordinates. In fact, before the Zhan Tingcheng couple was away, Zhan Tingye and his wife were the big house of the Zhan family, and they were also honored as the big master and the big lady. But now that Zhan Tingye is divorced, and the eldest lady is dead in name, Cassandra has completely replaced this title.

Jacob looked at the busy Zheng Ling, thinking that she would not have time to accompany him for a while, so she might as well go to Xiangdingyuan to respect and honor him.

He stood up, walked in front of Zheng Ling, and said: “Zheng Ling, Brother Jie, come over.” When

Zheng Ling put down the work in her hand, when she raised her eyes to look at him, she was slightly lost.

“Then what are you back?” she asked reluctantly.

For some reason, she subconsciously felt that it would not be so easy for him to come back after going to Cassandra’s side.

Jacob said: “I’ll be back after dinner.”

“Oh.” Zheng Ling nodded. “Then you go.”

Jacob rubbed her head, then turned and left.

Zheng Ling’s heart seemed to be hollowed out suddenly, and she couldn’t afford to do things anymore. After barely making the rabbit’s nest, she went back upstairs and sat in a daze in the study.


When Cassandra and Zhu Ma saw Jacob, there was a secret joy in their eyes.

Xiuhe was standing next to them, with a cold expression in her eyes.

Since Irene humiliated her in public last time, Yu Sheng has become particularly indifferent to Xiuhe. Xiuhe turned her anger to Irene.

Now, she is determined to be tied up with Cassandra Zhuma to deal with Irene.

Because she firmly believes that only when Irene completely falls and Zhuma becomes Hanjue’s wife, the good days that belong to them will truly come.

“Mom.” After Jacob entered the house, Bian Qianya greeted Cassandra.

“Juer, come and sit down quickly.” Cassandra greeted affectionately.

Jacob looked at Zhuma, who was a distance from his mother. If he did it next to his mother, he would also do it next to Zhuma. He finally chose to sit between Old Lady Yu and Zhanting City.

“Grandpa, Dad.” Grandpa Yu was in a particularly good mood, because he felt that when Hanjue came back, everything would develop in a good direction.

“Where is my cousin?” Jacob asked curiously without seeing Yu Chengqian.

Speaking of this son, Yu Sheng had eye bags and teeth aches all over. “Don’t mention this stinky boy. He just wants to piss me off. His son doesn’t care, he just hangs around outside all day.”

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