Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 1752

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Chapter 1752

The old man Zhan did not let her down, after all, Jacob showed a keen interest. In order to make his grandson happy, the old man was anxious to pursue Zheng Ling’s stupid things. Tell it all.

“What did Grandpa say?” Jacob asked.

Zheng Ling immediately covered her mouth, “Don’t ask.”

Jacob laughed nonchalantly.

The old lady said: “Zheng Ling, you have sworn to me, you said you want to give birth to a platoon son for Han Jue? Let them play football with Han Jue?”

Of course Zheng Ling remembers.

At that time, she doesn’t know which goddamn it was that she was skinny for fear of being barren. She was furious, so she rushed in and swore an oath to Grandpa Zhan: Whoever said thin would not be able to have children. She wants to give birth to a platoon son for Brother Jie. Let them accompany Brother Jie to play football and basketball…If she can’t do it, she will let Brother Jie find a wife in this life. “

Then she added timidly, “Except for me.” “As soon as the old lady Zhan spoke, Jacob laughed.

Zheng Ling pushed the bowls and chopsticks, “Stop eating.” Stop eating. I’m stuffed. I am leaving. “

But Jacob held her in his arms, and she couldn’t walk away for half a step. The old lady Zhan said mercilessly: “Well, grandpa won’t say anything. You eat obediently. Eat fat, grandpa is waiting to hug his grandchildren. “

Irene panicked, “Ah, do you really want to give birth?” “

Old lady Zhan said: “Why, don’t you plan to keep your promise?” “

Zheng Ling looked at Lord Zhan Han for help… Jue Zhan Han knew that this was Grandpa’s intention to promote the relationship between their husband and wife. At this moment, he wished to hold Zheng Ling and let her fulfill her promise every day.

They all said it. It’s the process, and only the fool, Zheng Ling, cares about the result.

Jacob will not be so stupid as to ruin his happiness.

So he turned a deaf ear to Zheng Ling’s request for help.

Zheng Ling stood up and patted his chest, “Who said that. I speak Irene and keep a promise. Birth, one in a year, and two in three years, until I die.”

Jacob pinched his eyebrows, this girl. I just can’t listen to it.

“Sit down.” He pulled Zheng Ling to his side and sat down. “If you want to give me a son, then eat more. I heard that eating more alkaline foods can give birth to a son. Eat a small steamed bun.”

Zheng Ling dubiously took it, and bit the steamed bun with tears in her tears.

Grandpa Zhan laughed happily.

“Oh, for many years, I haven’t seen you show your affection in front of me. Grandpa hopes you will come to your pains and you will live a carefree life in the future.” Old lady

Zhan stood up, “I’m full. You eat slowly.”

When the old lady Zhan left, he said to the servants who were waiting on the left and right: “Remove all, don’t disturb their two-person world.”

Zheng Ling’s face was reddened.

After breakfast, it is already noon.

Jacob took Zheng Ling’s hand and strolled along the clean and dust-free avenue of Tourmaline Manor.

They passed through the Xiangding Garden of their father Zhan Tingyi, through the Wutong compound of their adoptive father Zhan Tingye, and through Fengyue Xiaozhu of Fengxian, just like passing through a time tunnel and a human growth river.

Finally they stopped under a jacaranda tree.

Jacob hugged Zheng Ling and sighed with emotion. “I still remember the first time I saw you. The scene at that time seemed to have happened yesterday, but in the blink of an eye, we have been through more than 20 springs and autumns.”

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