Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 1753

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Chapter 1753

“Zheng Ling, do you know? From the first glance I saw you, I knew I couldn’t let go of you in this life. You made my heart quiet.” Ripples…” Jacob always recalled the first time he saw Zheng Ling, her delicate and flawless face like an elf made his heart move.

Zheng Ling listened to Jacob’s love words, but suddenly an itching sensation came from her ankle, which made her look down. It turned out that a panda rabbit was gently rubbing her ankle.

“I believe in the sixth sense. Believe that we are together is a gift from heaven. So no matter which separation, I have never been discouraged, because I firmly believe that you will come back to me.” Jacob murmured emotionally.

But Irene did not respond to him for a long time. Jacob raised his head in astonishment, and then saw that she was playing with a big slap panda rabbit.

She stretched out her leg, and the panda rabbit kept spreading joy under her feet. One person, one rabbit, it was fun to play. Jacob’s handsome face instantly crossed.

“Brother Jie, I like this panda rabbit. You see it is very close to me. This is a gift from God. It’s as if I was destined to meet him.”

Jacob was dumbfounded.

So why did he talk about the sixth sense just now?

Fuck the sixth sense.

He just wanted to burn this bunny rabbit in sauce.

Zheng Ling bent down to pick up the panda rabbit, rubbed it into her arms and gently followed her hair. The picture is beautiful as if Chang’e is holding a rabbit, and Zheng Ling’s quiet temperament is dazzling.

Jacob put the idea of braised jade rabbit on hold temporarily, “If you like it, then take it home and raise it!”

Even if he doesn’t like things, he is willing to wrong himself in order to make his wife smile.

It’s just that he didn’t expect that this grievance is a bit big.

Zheng Ling hugged the panda rabbit with love, and then let go of his hand.

Zheng Ling was also very excited to give the panda rabbit a name, “Brother Jie, this rabbit will be called Sorbus from now on.”

Jacob is not cold about keeping pets, and he doesn’t even understand those pets. Be the one raised by the son. Seeing Zheng Ling never returned on this road, Jacob could only feel helpless.

“You like it.” He said lightly.

“Don’t you like it?” Zheng Ling asked, blinking innocent eyes.

Jacob wanted to nod his head, but in the end he thought that he should learn how to love the house and the crow, and shook his head against his will.

“You like it. Of course I like it too.”

Zheng Ling breathed a sigh of relief. She smiled and said: “I knew you would like it. Do you see how cute my jacaranda is?”

Jacob glanced at the rabbit who was competing with him, and the hostility flashed past his eyes.

“Not cute without you,” he said lazily.

Zheng Ling hugged the panda rabbit jacaranda back home, but did not relax for a moment.

She wants to make a beautiful nest for Jacaranda Rabbit, and also make her a beautiful doll to accompany her.

Throughout the afternoon, Jacob sat bored on the lazy chair in the garden. Looking listlessly at the busy Cheng Ling in front of him.

“Zhengling, do you think I’m so laid-back, like an old man who leads early retirement?” Jacob couldn’t stand Zhengling and ignored him, and began to have nothing to talk to. Deliberately sell badly.

Without raising her head, Zheng Ling said, “Brother Jue, you are at a magnificent age, how can you retire? As long as you return to Media Asia, you will be the dreadful prince of the imperial capital who is admired by thousands of people. “

Jacob whispered: “So many people admire me, don’t you worry?”

Zheng Ling laughed, revealing her neat white millet teeth. “I’m not worried. You have three views, love your wife and love your children. It won’t be messy.”

Jacob gazed at the blue sky sadly…

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