Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 1810

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Chapter 1810

Jacob was a little curious, and asked Zhengling: “Why do you want to get married all of a sudden?”

Zheng Ling looked at Jacob’s haggard face, thinking of Grandma Boye telling her. The love is deep and lifeless, and there is a touch of bitterness in her heart. She smiled and said: “Life is short. I want to fulfill all your wishes in our lifetime. I don’t want to let myself down.”

Zheng Ling also hopes that this wedding can drive away all the sorrows of Jacob.

Jacob squeezed her face and nodded with a smile.

Yan Zheng and Fengxian made plans for the wedding together, “Since you want to get married, you have to go to Century Square, where there are many people. The warrior must kneel and propose to Zhengling, so that the emperor will know that the warrior is because he likes Zheng Ling just married her. From then on, those small three and four should give up.”

Zheng Ling thought of so many people seeing the scene where she was being proposed, a red cloud flew on her face.

“Forget it, that’s too exaggerated. Buy a diamond ring in private and make a symbolic marriage proposal.” Zheng Ling said.

“Then how big a diamond ring do you want?” Jacob asked.

Yan Zheng immediately shouted, “Is it necessary to ask, the bigger the better?”

Jacob glared at him, “cheesy.”

Zheng Ling said: “You can design according to this number.”

Zhan Han Jue frowned, “Not good?”

Zheng Ling was dumbfounded, “What’s not good?”

Jacob blurted out,?”

Zheng Ling smirked. Nodding heavily, “Yeah.”

Yan Zheng’s eyes protruded,”

Fuck, how heavy is this?” Fengxian said, “You are stupid, Sister Zheng Ling said 5.203344 grams.”

Yan Zheng’s face collapsed. “That’s so cheap.”

Fengxian stamped his foot on the back of Yan Zheng’s feet, and Yan Zheng screamed in pain. “My brother’s money is not Sister Zhengling’s money. The diamond ring can’t be eaten or drunk, why waste it.”

Yan Zheng said: “That’s different. Cash and real estate must be divided during divorce. The diamond ring belongs to my sister. , Lord Zhan is embarrassed to grab half and go?” As soon as the voice fell, I saw Han Juezheng glaring at him bitterly.

“I won’t get a divorce with Zheng Ling.” Jacob determined.

Yan Zheng patted his mouth and said with a guilty conscience: “When I didn’t say it.”

Zheng Ling took Jacob’s hand and said softly: “Brother Jue, you let Grandpa show us a good day. Let’s go to the Civil Affairs Bureau to get the certificate.”

Jacob nodded happily: “Yeah.”

People are refreshed in happy events!

Because of this wedding, Jacob was depressed, and became extraordinarily energetic.

He was busy preparing to propose, and seemed to have forgotten the things that made Cassandra difficult.

And Zheng Ling, taking advantage of his busy schedule, secretly came to Xiangding Garden.

“Mrs. Young is here.” When the servant conveyed the shocking news to others, the Yu family was overjoyed.

Grandpa Yu is counting on Zhengling to rescue Cassandra.

Yu Sheng counted on Zheng Ling to help him persuade Mrs. Yu back.

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