Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 1811

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Chapter 1811

And Yu Chengqian, because he likes Zhengling, so as long as he can see her, he is also happy.

When Zheng Ling stepped into the living room, everyone looked at her with expectation and longing.

Grandpa Yu said: “Zhengling, we look forward to the stars and the moon, and finally look forward to you. I know that you don’t necessarily want to see us, but I still look forward to your understanding.”

Zheng Ling walked to the front of the old lady and said: “I can never forgive your daughter. Because she hurt Brother Jie. She not only hurt Brother Jie’s body, but also destroyed his powerful mind. You asked me to forgive her, I really can’t do it. Sorry. “

Old Mrs. Yu trembled, tears bursting into tears.

“I know she made the unforgivable mistake. But after all, she is my daughter, and I blame her hate her, but cannot abandon her. Zheng Ling, you are also a mother of person, you must be able to understand my grandfather’s heart.”

Zheng Ling said: “Grandpa, you don’t have to be upset. Although I won’t forgive her, I won’t embarrass her either.”

Old Mrs. Yu breathed a sigh of relief.

“That’s good.”

Yu Chengqian cried out in surprise: “Why? Zheng Ling? She hurts you again and again, how can you be so tolerant of her? You should collect debts from her and vent all the grievances in your heart.”

Zheng Ling walked up to Yu Chengqian and handed the wedding invitation in her hand to Yu Chengqian, saying with earnest words: “It is easier to hate a person than to love a person. I love Brother Jue, and love in this life is very difficult. I have experienced death and experienced it. Desperate separation, every time I feel heartbroken, I feel that he and I are about to end. But thank the heavens, it always magically bless us, let us turn into good fortune from bad luck. I can still stand by after thousands of sails. Together. I think, maybe being with him is the result of these sufferings.

Yu Chengqian frowned and said, Zhengling, life doesn’t have so many philosophies. In fact, all your sufferings are Cassandra. Brought to you, as long as she is not there, you won’t have so many catastrophes.”

Zheng Ling reddish eyes, “Cheng Qian, the world of things, there is no perfect, one can piece together Almost Perfect is lucky. One should not have greed, because you want more, will ultimately lose more.”

Chengqian Startled.

Zheng Ling, it was only after untold hardships that he could come to such a sad feeling.

She is obviously the eldest lady of the Yan family. She has a good study and a good face. She is not only a girl from the Yan family Zhongxing Pengyue, but also a girl who has been loved by the prince of the emperor since childhood, but she is commendably keeping the world sober.

What about him?

Should he learn from her sobriety and her imperfections?

Yu Sheng moved slowly in front of Zheng Ling, looking like he wanted to talk but stopped. Finally, he finally mustered up the courage and said: “Zhengling, I must have known about Xiuhe’s affairs. If it weren’t for the love affair, I would not do anything to sorry your auntie Qing. I hope you help me to persuade your Auntie Qing and let her come back to me. She and I are both young, and the rest of our lives are not long. I hope we don’t miss each other…” At this point, Yu Sheng voice some choked up.

“What about Aunt Xiuhe?” Zheng Ling asked.

Yu Sheng said, “Let you punish. It is impossible for me and her to be together again.”

Zheng Ling nodded, “I know.”

“Where is Cassandra? I want to see her.” Zheng Ling asked.

Yu Chengqian said, “Come with me, and I will take you to see her.”

Zheng Ling followed Yu Chengqian to a small storage room on the first floor.

Yu Chengqian opened the door, Zheng Ling hesitated for a moment, and then walked in.

The storage room is very small, with a single bed in it. Because Cassandra was injured a few days ago, doctors will come to bandage her wounds from time to time. The room was filled with a strong smell of medicine.

One of Cassandra’s leg was chained to the leg of the bed. When Cassandra saw Zheng Ling, she turned her face away, embarrassed to look at her.

Zheng Ling sat on the chair next to the bed, feeling lost: “I have stayed in this room. I have also worn this iron chain. The difference is that I was in a good mood at that time. And you were depressed.”

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