Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 1831

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Chapter 1831

“Even if it is so, I really want to do something like that, I will still be ridiculed and abused.”

“Just say you will fulfill your promise or not.”
“I, I, I…”

Yao Lao pressed forward step by step, urging: “Say, you girl is talking!”

Li Xun He bit his posterior molar and nodded vigorously.

“Fulfill, Master, don’t worry! Even if I can’t help but put a knife on Lin Fan’s neck in the end, I must take him down!”

Old blinked, and smiled and asked: “Really, talking counts?”

Li Xunran patted her chest: “Really, you Li Xunran did what you said, and you and those elders are waiting Good news for me.”

At the same time, Yunhai Teahouse, in the private room on the second floor.

Wang Yanli was drinking tea with her elder brother Wang Youcai, and Wang Zhijun was sitting beside her.

“Brother, you said that Huo Dongying’s child is really true,”

Wang Yanli complained:

“After thinking about so many tricks, I was surprised that Lin where the dead waste is put in prison.”
What she didn’t know was that Huo Dongying had spent huge sums of money to get Lin Fan to hang up in the detention center in order to get rid of Lin Fan.

And now you have to go to jail yourself!

Even more, it won’t be long before he has to rush to the execution ground to die!

Wang Youcai sighed and said:

“Alas, it’s useless for us to be in a hurry. Huo Dongying is the young boss of the Huo family. He can’t do anything with Lin Fan, we what can you do?”

Wang Yanli slapped the table twice in annoyance, and cursed.

“Isn’t it? My family Xu Dexiang and Xu Yourong are not at all with me. The dead girl in Yourong listened to me a little bit before, but I don’t know how to drop it recently, it’s like chicken blood. , I don’t even want to talk to me too much, I’m really mad at me!”

Wang Yanli still feels right at this time. What she did is not to find a good wife for Xu Yourong?

But she doesn’t appreciate it?

Hearing what Wang Yanli said, Wang Zhijun smiled gloomily:

“Auntie, I have a way to let You Rong listen to you and Lin Fanna. The kid kneels in front of you like a dog.”


Upon hearing this, Wang Youcai and Wang Yanli were both stunned, looking at Wang Zhijun in disbelief.

It seems that I can’t believe it. This is what Wang Zhijun said.

Wang Zhijun is a useless old man, what can he do?

Even Wang Youcai reprimanded:

“Shut up, you don’t speak, no one will treat you as dumb!”
Obviously even Wang Zhijun’s relatives don’t believe that Wang Zhijun’s trash can have a way to make Xu Yourong and Lin Fan obediently obedient.

“Dad, I really have a way, why don’t you believe me?”

Wang Zhijun said anxiously. He has been brewing this way for a long time.

But Wang Youcai snorted coldly, and said angrily:

“Because I believe in you, I gave you all the fifty million, so I let you give it all. Gambled out.”

When he heard the news, he almost went over on the spot with outrage!

That’s fifty million!

In just a few days, Wang Zhijun was done!

Wang Zhijun actually wanted to hide him. If he hadn’t found out the clue, Wang Zhijun would not even be able to pay for the gas. In the end, under Wang Youcai’s repeated questioning, he finally told the truth.

In this situation, Wang Youcai could bear without killing Wang Zhijun, and we could see that this was really his own.

And Wang Zhijun’s expression was also a bit awkward, and then quickly explained:

“Dad, as long as you follow my plan, let alone 50 million, even 500 million. , Lin Fan has to give it too!”


Wang Youcai stared at Wang Zhijun in surprise, as if he didn’t know why he was so confident!

But Wang Yanli still intends to hold a glimmer of hope and ask Wang Zhijun:

“Zhijun, do you really have a way?”

Wang Zhijun took a photo. He patted his chest and said confidently:

“That’s natural, I’m ready to make a fortune from Lin Fan, and he has to get the money!” As he spoke, Wang Zhijun’s face was full of greed. Lulu seems to be very confident, Lin Fan will definitely succumb to him.

Because of his plan, foolproof!

Wang Youcai and Wang Yanli were to follow up on Wang Zhijun’s plan,

“Listen to me!”

Wang Zhijun lowered his voice with a smirk, and then Tell Wang Youcai and Wang Yanli about your plan.

After listening to the last!

Wang Youcai and Wang Yanli both showed ecstasy on their faces.

“Okay, the plan is good! Then, Lin Fan, let us be at our mercy!”

Wang Youcai laughed, his eyes also showed strong greed:

“You are right, fifty million is too little. Once your plan is implemented, Lin Fan will have to give us even more money!”

And Wang Yanli She also sneered:

“In this way, we not only control Lin Fan’s trash, but also tolerant has to obey us!”

Seeing that the two agree with them. According to the plan, Wang Zhijun was overjoyed, and he laughed:

“How about, I didn’t let you down?”

“Aunt, when this matter is over, Xu Yourong must marry Huo Dongying, and then you will be able to reap the golden turtle son-in-law. We are a win-win situation!”

Wang Yanli asked with concern after seeing it.

Hear the words!

Wang Yanli suddenly snorted:

” I have long seen that Yourong and that waste are unclear, but Huo Dongying’s child is better than Lin Fan’s waste, I don’t know how many times stronger than Lin Fan’s waste, I will never Let my daughter end up miserably with Bai Yi.”

“Gorgeous, you must cooperate with us, after all, how pitiful your family is. A good boyfriend, but Lin Fan’s dead waste As a result of his disappearance, Xu Yourong will never see people or corpses.”

Wang Youcai said bitterly: “No matter whether Huo Dongying succeeds or not, we must not give up easily. We must do everything possible to let Lin Fanna It’s good to pay for the waste.”

But upon hearing this, Wang Yanli looked sad, and sighed:

“Oh, brother, do you think I don’t want it? But the problem is that it’s not the case. It’s that easy. Lin Fan’s trash is often lucky, and when he sees hope to drive him away, he is often overturned.”

“Boom”, frightened Wang Yanli and Wang Youcai. Shivered.

It turned out that Wang Zhijun smashed the desktop with his fist.

“Damn, Lin Fan is dead and waste, and keeping him will be a disaster sooner or later. Wang Zhijun will not drive him to death, and swear not to be a man!”

Wang Yanli repeatedly stroked her chest with her hands, Complained.

“You child is surprised, even if you want to drive away Lin Fan, you can’t get yourself in, you know?”

Wang Youcai also persuaded Said: “Yes, Zhijun, let’s find a way to return, don’t be impulsive. If you are caught by law enforcement officers, you won’t have a good fruit to eat.”

“Dad, aunt, don’t worry, I’m not that stupid yet, I have a sense of measure.” Wang Zhijun sneered.

A scene flashed in his mind. Lin Fan was kneeling before him, knocking his head like garlic, begging him to let him go.

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