Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 1832

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Chapter 1832

On Monday morning, the headquarters of the Washington Pharmaceuticals Department.

Wang Youcai, Wang Yanli and others arrived at the door at six o’clock. They wanted to make things difficult for Lin Fan again when Lin Fan rushed to work.

There were five minutes before work time, Lin Fan came to the door.

He was just about to enter the Washington Pharmaceuticals, but was stopped by Wang Youcai’s family.

Wang Youcai glanced at him proudly:

“Lin Fan, how did you get here? Is there any idea of time?”

Lin Fan took Glanced at the phone and replied.

“Minister, I am not late. There are still three or four minutes to arrive.”

“I said you are late, you are late!”
Wang Youcai glared his eyes and snorted coldly:

“Sure enough, you are eating idle meals. With your working attitude, you will never be successful in your life! I don’t know why Bai Yi would let you go to work in the imperial capital. , Didn’t you see that your colleagues arrived early? How can the work be carried out like yours?”

Lin Fan was stunned, looking at Wang Youcai with an idiotic look:

“Okay, I’m late! But… it’s up to you!”

He is the chairman of Washington Pharmaceuticals, and he will come whenever he wants. Why are these idiots nosy?


Wang Youcai was furious.

And Wang Yanli on the side hurriedly helped her, and roared:
“My family, Xu Yourong, is the director of this Washington Pharmacy. If you are so passive and sabotage, what if it hurts her?”

“If you don’t live up to it, don’t drag others down!”

“And this time, Lin Fan can be considered to understand, the other party is here to find fault?

Seems to be holding a stomach of bad water, intending to pour it on him.

“Really? Then what do you think I should do?”

Wang Yanli originally thought that Lin Fan would get angry if she deliberately found faults like this, but Lin Fan would not take his tricks at all.

Seeing that the goal was not achieved, Wang Yanli shouted again:

“Not very good, you will resign and leave today, or I will let Xu Yourong fire you! You choose yourself! “

Anyway, Wang Yanli will never let Lin Fan stay with Xu Yourong again. This trash hasn’t been well-intentioned. Even if it has harmed Bai Yi, she even dared to beat her daughter.

She will never let Lin Fan do what she wants!

And the movement here also caused other colleagues from Washington Pharmaceuticals to talk in a low voice, and they all looked at Lin Fan in a gleeful manner.

Lin Fan still didn’t get angry, but sneered:

“I can’t be fired, I’m afraid you said it won’t count?”

Said After that, he directly passed Wang Youcai and the others, and headed straight to Washington Pharmaceuticals.

Wang Youcai, who was suffocating his anger, suddenly became angry when he saw Lin Fan’s attitude:

“Lin Fan, don’t shame you! I’ll give you one last chance, now resign and fuck off, or I will let you go around!”

Lin Fan, a dead waste, as long as he stays at the Washington DC Pharmaceutical Company for a day, Wang Yanli won’t be able to live for a whole day!

However, Lin Fan turned a blind eye to their threats and strode directly into the Washington Pharmaceuticals.

The three jumping clowns are not worthy of his attention.

“Shame on your face, it seems that you can only do a trick!”

Wang Youcai snorted coldly, with a hint of bad faith in his eyes.

However, right now!

They suddenly heard that outside the gate, there was a woman’s tender voice.

“Is Lin Fan here?”

The person who came is not someone else, it is Li Xunran!

And when Wang Zhijun saw Li Xunran, his eyes were straight!

What a beautiful woman, he has never seen such a beautiful woman in his life!

The tall, handsome girl is looking around.

The girl was wearing a black bodysuit, a shawl with beautiful hair, and a pair of sunglasses on her forehead, her eyes seemed to be rippling with blue waves.

Then, Wang Zhijun and the other three were puzzled!

Who is this beauty?

What did you come to Lin Fan for?

And Lin Fan, who was about to enter the Washington Pharmaceuticals, also heard someone calling him. He turned his head in surprise and looked at the door of the office area. He recognized that it was Mr. Li Xunran. Smiled and walked over.

“Miss Li, is there anything?” Lin Fan walked to Li Xunran and asked.

Li Xunran sternly said, “Of course something is going on, why come to you for anything?”

Lin Fan knew that this lady was not easy to deal with, and said with a smile:

If you have anything, please tell me, I will listen carefully.”

At this time, Wang Youcai and the other three were staring at them.

Especially Wang Zhijun!

Seeing Li Xunran flirting with Lin Fan, she suddenly became jealous.

That bastard, it’s really bad luck, beautiful women like to stick to him.

“I knew that he was a bad species, squirming flowers and grass everywhere, he and this woman must be unclear!” Wang Yanli said extremely maliciously.

This abruptly came up to a strange beauty looking for Lin Fan, and naturally aroused everyone’s appetite for gossip.

“It’s really weird, that trash is so attractive? There is a big beauty here Looking for him? “
“Haha, there is a good show to watch. If Bai Yi knows about this, he won’t divorce him without a divorce certificate?” “

“It’s really a person to look like, and the dispossessed son-in-law who can’t lift his head in the Bai’s house, there will be a beautiful woman chasing him?” “

The three of you talked about each other and Wang Zhijun also took out his cell phone and started shooting secretly, if he could get the shot. Lin Fan’s evidence could be used to blackmail Lin Fan severely.

Li Xunran over there did not immediately answer Lin Fan, but went directly to the underground parking lot with few people. , And looked around, looking like a guilty conscience.

Lin Fan had no choice but to follow along.

And seeing this, Wang Yanli and others were surer. The relationship between this woman and Lin Fan is unusual.

“Look, you see, this pair of dogs and men are sneaky, there must be something wrong!”

Wang Yanli snorted coldly, then turned her head and ordered Wang Zhijun:

“Zhijun, hurry up and shoot, I want that kid to walk around!”

Wang Zhijun smiled, smiling treacherously:

“It’s shooting! Aunt, don’t worry, I will definitely not miss this highlight, let’s keep up! “

“Do you have anything to do with me?” “

Lin Fan became more and more unsure of what this woman wanted to do.

He came to him here without giving the reason. This is not in line with Li Xunran’s turbulent personality.

Feeling Lin Fan’s puzzled gaze, Li Xunran was also very shy, and served as Lin Fan’s junior, so how can she say it?
Isn’t Grandpa deliberately embarrassing her?

“That… Lin Fan, are you married, right?” Li Xunran asked timidly.

“Aren’t you nonsense? You have seen my wife, why do you still ask such a question?”

Lin Fan was a little dumbfounded, what on earth does this woman want to do?

“Then…do you mind having another wife?”

After saying this, Li Xunran’s face was already red like a monkey butt.

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