Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 587

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Chapter 587

The door of the ward suddenly squeaked intermittently, as if a constipated person was pulling a stinky smell, and there was a sense of stasis and blockage.

Jacob frowned displeased. The restless mood became more restless.

Icy eyes cast impatiently at the door of the ward, and saw a finger-wide door slit unfolding slowly amid the creaking sound.

It took a long time before that door gap became palm wide.

Jacob’s mood was tortured by the intermittent squeaking sound.

He strongly suppressed the anger in his heart, and showed patience to wait for the person who opened the door.

Let him know who tortured him so, and he made her look good.

At this moment, a hand was suddenly caught off guard against the edge of the door, wearing white rubber gloves from the hospital, and seeing the small appearance of that hand, it was clearly a girl.

Jacob almost immediately determined that he was a caregiver.

He moved his eyes to the ceiling, and his thin, more clearly contoured face showed a sudden expression.

Irene walked in lightly through the crack of the door, and saw Jacob lying on the hospital bed with his hands resting behind his head, his eyes sharper than an eagle filled with impatience, fixedly staring at the ceiling.

She has never seen a weak patient so sharp.

Irene’s timidity added a few more points, and she almost moved to the bedside step by step. After encouraging hersef for a long time, she had the courage to say the first sentence: “General…Adjudication, yes… .. I’m sorry, something went wrong with the hospital’s network system… the discharge procedure cannot be processed temporarily.”

Irene could not wait to cut off her tongue with a knife, Nima, this excuse is too lame.

Jacob heard this stuttering voice, and the voice that was deliberately disguised thickly was mixed with a familiar sound quality that he missed day and night.

The cold eyes of the yin bird faintly shifted to Irene.

Irene lowered her head, her long eyelashes drooped, her hands at a loss, she put her fingers in front of her abdomen, intertwined.

Jacob’s gaze settled on her face, even though most of her face was covered by the mask, but the eyes outside the mask, the narrow eyeliner, and the curled eyelashes, the pupils that were as black as shining stones, and that seemed to be far away. The mountain’s willow-leaf eyebrows, even if they turned into ashes, he would recognize them.

It’s his Irene!

The little girl who is always beautiful and delicate, smiles heartlessly, chasing him and shouting “brother”!

It was the most beautiful scenery in his memory.

That’s also his belief in aggressive struggle throughout his life.

It is the only treasure he has in his life.


She was obviously disfigured!

Jacob’s gaze swept across her skin that was as smooth as fat and shiny as jade porcelain.

The sea immediately rose up in his heart.

“How many times do you have to go through the knife before you can transform into Nirvana?”

For her under the immune function, this can be described as the fundamental procedure of trauma.

Jacob has almost guessed how she came over the past two years.

No wonder he is unwilling to contact her!

Because she also knew that she had embarked on a path of no return. Uncertain future! She is in pain, she is hesitating, and she is confused about the future.

She doesn’t know how many times she cried secretly!

Jacob’s heart did not feel a little warm because of her arrival, on the contrary, his heart was colder than Binghu!

“f*ck!” His lips and teeth lightly opened, and his low magnetic voice contained soaring anger.

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