Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 556

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Chapter 556

What is more shocking is that these gangsters of Jiangnan City were very happy when they were giving the cheques into Paula’s hands.

It seemed to them that it was an honor for them to give money to Paula.

When Mr. Bai and others saw this scene they got amazed.

“Dad! Does Paula has any secrets relations with these people that we don’t know? Otherwise, how could people like Tian Changfa favor her like this?” A deep panic appeared in the eyes of Haibai.

More than him!

The rest of the Bai family members were also extremely nervous.


The enthusiasm and courtesy of the Jiangnan chaebol patriarch to Paula made them extremely nervous.

“No, it is not impossible! Paula is just the daughter of the Shen family and she has no relation with these people! There is nothing special about her background!” Mr. Bai said.

His gaze turned towards Shaun suddenly, and his brows curled instantly:

“However, I feel that the reason why Tian Changfa and others treating Paula like this is because of Shaun!”


Hearing this!

Haibai, Harper, and others got more amazed.

Because of Shaun?

How this is possible.

Shaun is just a waste person, with no connections, no background, even he has broken the legs of these princelings. There is already an endless hatred for him in their hearts. Then how can these big men please this guy?

This is absolutely impossible.

“Maybe I feel wrong!”

Mr. Bai shook his head in disbelief.

But at this moment.

They heard Tian Changfa and others saying:

“Madam, when we just came in, we heard that you are going to establish a New Bai Group? If possible, I hope that in the future, all the cooperation of our Tian family in Jiangshi will be entrusted to your New Bai Group!”


Hearing this the faces of Mr. Bai and others became completely pale.

After all, they know that the Tian Group’s business in Jiangshi is also worth hundreds of millions, which is for sure a big deal.

In particular, Tian Changfa had already met Elvira before and has handed over a business corporation agreement with the Bai Group to her.

Thinking of this!

Mr. Bai got anxious in an instant then he ran forward swayingly, and said to Tian Changfa:

“Tian, you can’t do this. Some days back, you went to our Bai Group and signed a cooperation agreement with Elvira. How can you change it now? And how can you trust a group which has even not started yet?”


It was shocking for Mr. Bai that Tian Changfa after hearing the name of New Bai Group agreed for the corporation in advance.

This is a foolish act.

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