Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 557

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Chapter 557

And behind Mr. Bai, Haibai and others quickly said:

“Mr. Tian, our Bai Group is the big enterprise in Jiangshi! Their Bai Group has not even started yet! Don’t be deceived!”

“And yes, our groups have already signed for cooperation with each other, we can’t change it now!”


The core members of the Bai family were completely impatient.

After all, this is about a vital interest for them.

Just looking at the appearances of these people!

Tian Changfa almost laughed angrily.

He has seen idiots, but he has never seen such idiots who pushed out their god of wealth.

100 million orders?

They may never know that in Mr. Lin’s eyes, 100 million orders are just a drop out of a bucket.

Thinking of this, Tian Chang sneered coldly:

“Huh! Have you forgotten? Before, the reason why our Tian clan approached you for cooperation was entire because of President Elvira!”

“Otherwise, you people are not qualified to discuss cooperation with us! You people are not worthy.”


These words like thunder hit Mr. Bai and others in an instant.

Because of Elvira?

Before they were thinking that, the reason why Elvira received orders from Jiangnan Tian Family, Qiu Family, Red Maple Group, and Yunhai Qi Family was due to the Bai Family Group.

But it turned out that it was in favor of Elvira.

How can a little Elvira alarm so many powerful leaders to come to the door in person to sign a cooperation deal?

This is simply incredible.

Not only the Bai family members were in disbelief, but even Elvira herself was also dumbfounded.

She couldn’t even dream that she was the reason behind all these orders they had received.

However, this is just the beginning.

Among the many Bai family members, they looked like dead gray faces.

Qiu Feng took a step forward and said to Paula:

“Madam Paula, I have also decided to hand over all the business orders to your new Bai Group!”

“Li family, the same!”

“Zhou family, the same!”

One after another Jiangnan chaebol patriarchs stood up and announced to cooperate with the new Bai Group.

Five orders!

Ten orders!

While all the Bai family members were stunned, each of the Jiangnan bigwigs promised to hand over the Jiangshi industry under their family to the New Bai Group.

In just a few minutes, the new Bai Group which has not registered yet has actually received huge orders worth hundreds of millions.

This strong ability to absorb gold makes every Bai family member’s scalp numb for a while.


At this moment, all the Bai family members regarded the new Bai family of Paula’s family as an unprecedented enemy.

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