Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 558

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Chapter 558

At this moment, the most shocked person is Paula.

Her hands are stuffed with cheques.

Especially, the series of 0s on each cheque made her dizzy.

Not to mention, there are many superorders promised by these Jiangnan chaebols.

This is definitely a pie falling from the sky.

Thinking of this!

Paula stared at Shaun, and a touch of complexity and disbelief appeared in her eyes.

And she thought that all this is because of Shaun.

If it wasn’t for that devil machine then this would not happen at all.

Perhaps, Paula, never knew that her trash son-in-law who was ridiculed and beaten by her every day unexpectedly hid such a terrifying and mysterious devil machine.


When Paula thought of the Devil’s machine, she got stunned for a moment, and then asked Shaun suspiciously:

“Shaun, this afternoon, your Aunt Rowling called you and said that Kelly is in danger, is it true?”

Paula remembered.

In the afternoon, a woman named Rowling called Shaun to warn that Kelly was in danger.

This incident was originally a joke in her eyes.

But now, she felt that this matter is not as simple as she had imagined. In other words, Kelly, a young Asian queen, might be really in danger.

After hearing Paula’s words.

Whether it was Elvira, Mr. Bai, or other members of the Bai family, they all stuck for a while.

“Mom! What are you talking about? Shaun doesn’t know anything about Kelly, how can he know if Kelly is in danger or not?”

Elvira frowned and said to her mother.

Do not know why!

After returning from that incident, she found her mother was a little weird.

Besides, Bai Shan smiled at Paula and said:

“My wife, are you confused? Didn’t you tell me this afternoon? That call was fake!”

Fake call!

Hearing the words of her husband and daughter, Paula’s mouth twitched fiercely.

Paula is not going to believe in the nonsense of Shaun anymore, even if she got killed!

What about the three-hundred-yuan mobile phone that he purchased from the stall.

This kid has a lot of things hidden from us.

Seeing Paula’s expression, Shaun gave a wry smile, then shrugged and said:

“Mom! Don’t worry, nothing will happen to Kelly as I’ m here!”


Shaun’s words fell in the ears of everyone standing there, making them once again bewildered.

Paula is nonsense, forget it.

They didn’t expect that Shaun would actually take advantage of this opportunity to make a big splash.

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