Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 559

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Chapter 559

“Hahaha… this trash, really considers himself something big! Does he know Kelly?”

“Yeah, he says until he is here no one can harm Kelly. This is simply bragging!”


Haibai, Harper, and others looked at Shaun as if they were looking at a fool.

However, they were just laughing at Shaun, they got surprised to see that, whether it was Tian Changfa or Qiu Feng and other bigwigs, they nodded to Paula, and gave solemn comfort:

“Madam Paula, don’t worry! Mr. Lin can handle it!”

“Yes! There is nothing impossible with Mr. Lin here!”



Grandpa Bai and others got shocked.

Elvira and Bai Shan are also stunned and there are lots of questions in their minds!

Familiar with confidence?

In their eyes, Tian Changfa and others seemed to have enigmatic confidence in Shaun, and they completely agreed with Shaun’s bragging words, which made everyone completely dumbfounded.

“let’s go!”

Grandpa Bai gave Shaun a deep look and then waved to everyone in the Bai family.

Suddenly, those Bai family members who were about to laugh at Shaun closed their mouths!


When Mr. Bai took Haibai and Harper into a car, Harper could not wait to curse angrily:

“Damn it! I didn’t expect that the Baishan family had a sh!t luck! Not only did they get revenge from those Jiangnan chaebols, they even got such big orders!”

Harper gritted his teeth with hatred.

Especially, after he thought that Shaun had nothing to do and still they achieved all this.


Harper was surprised to find that since he has got on the car, neither his father Haibai nor his grandfather had spoken a word, making the atmosphere in the car depressed and dull.


Harper frowned, and then asked his grandfather suspiciously:

“Grandpa, what’s the matter?”

Harper looked at the expressions of his grandfather and father and suddenly felt a throb in his heart. A bad premonition surfaced in his heart.

Hearing this.

Mr. Bai did not look at Harper at all. Instead, he turned his head and looked at the Haibai, and said complicatedly:

“Son, you must feel it too, right?”


Which feeling he is talking about?

Harper was even more confused, he turned his head to look at his father in doubt.

Seeing Haibai, he nodded with a grey face, and then said:

“Dad, this thing is wrong! I also feel that Shaun has a problem!”


Harper was stunned. He didn’t expect how to get involved with Shaun.

However, before he could ask, he heard Mr. Bai, sighed, and said in a trembling voice:

“Oh…Yes! This matter, from beginning to end, is weird!”

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