Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 590

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Chapter 590

Guan Xiao was stunned, “Can this be used to?”

Irene did not speak. She was panicked.

Guan Xiao misunderstood Irene, and really regarded her as a fearless heroine, and immediately followed her instructions.

After Guan Xiao settled the medical team in the car and returned to the ward, Jacob’s face was very ugly.

“What did you do? It took so long?” Jacob’s voice was very cold.

Guan Xiao said cautiously, “The nurses in the hospital are very busy. Only a new nurse can make time to take care of you. However, her business abilities may not be familiar.”

Jacob raised his faint eyes.

Looking outside the door, he saw the corners of the blue clothes exposed by the door, where they wriggled like mollusks.

Although no one can be seen, Jacob has been able to imagine its owner’s uneasy little face and that daunting look.

“Come in.” Jacob ordered.

Irene pushed the wheelchair and walked in slowly with her head lowered.

Pushing the wheelchair to the bedside, her head dropped lower.

Guan Xiao was dumbfounded when he saw her intimidation.

Suddenly, he felt that choosing the wife to stand against the president was a deadly act.

Jacob sat motionless on the bed. Eagle Falcon’s eyes stared at Irene.

Time passed by in silence…

Guan Xiao looked at the president and Irene.

The president stared at Irene, Irene looked down at her toes.

There is no eye contact at all.

Did not speak.

The two of them are in such a deadlock, how long will it take to break the deadlock?

Guan Xiao suddenly stepped forward, “President, I will help you!”

Jacob refused, “Let the nurse come.”

Irene raised her head suddenly, only to realize that he had been waiting for her to serve him.

Guan Xiao was dumbfounded. The president couldn’t use his legs. If he wanted to get into the wheelchair, he had to be carried in by others.

However, the president refused his help, but asked his wife to help him alone, which is clearly embarrassing his wife!

Irene stepped forward and sat on the edge of the bed, with one hand of Jacob resting unceremoniously on her shoulder.

Obviously, he can make a little effort to make her not so hard. But he was sitting there motionless like a boulder.

However, those charming eyes stared at Irene’s face meaningfully.

Irene’s hands uncomfortably circled his waist and placed them on his waist and eyes.

Originally thought she would exert some strength, so for the first time only a few minutes of strength was exerted, but it turned out that Jacob’s body had not left the bed at all.

Irene was a little embarrassed, staring at Jacob’s face with some panic. As a result, Jacob met with a somewhat playful look. Then she heard his lazy voice, “Such a thin caregiver, she is not suitable for taking care of me.”

Guan Xiao said, “Yes, I will change it right away.”

Irene gritted her teeth, exhausted all her strength, picked up Jacob, and then carefully put him into the wheelchair.

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