Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 589

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Chapter 589

After the discharge procedures were completed, Guan Xiao was in trouble.

The president’s body index has just stabilized, and the doctor said that there may be repeated fluctuations. What if the president returns to Tourmaline Manor and his physical condition changes again?

In order to ensure nothing is wrong, Guan Xiao consulted with the dean. The final decision almost brought all important medical teams from relevant departments of the hospital to Tourmaline Manor.

From medical equipment to doctors and nurses, there were more than 20 people waiting at the door of the ward together.

When Guan Xiao asked the president for instructions, Jacob looked at Guan Xiao like a panda. “Do you want to move the entire hospital to Tourmaline Manor?”

Guan Xiao knew that the president would never agree to this matter.

However, Guan Xiao could not show the perseverance of Huang He, and has been persuading the president with perseverance, “President, I know you don’t like to occupy resources, but your condition is not stable. If you really don’t like so many people around you, how about we streamline the team?”

Jacob was silent.

When Guan Xiao acquiesced, he began to put forward the most constructive opinions.

“Just leave the doctor, how?”

Guan Xiao believes that doctors can monitor the condition of the president and deal with the changing conditions, which is the person the president needs most.

Jacob’s eyes stared at Guan Xiao, his handsome face was cold.

Guan Xiao was startled, and the president’s expression made it clear that he was very dissatisfied with his proposal. “Then we don’t need a doctor, but a rehabilitation teacher?”

Well, the president’s condition has stabilized, just take the medicine according to the prescription. The next thing he needs is a rehabilitation practitioner.

Jacob’s handsome face began to freeze.

Guan Xiao felt that the temperature in the room had suddenly become a bit cold, and his arms trembled, “Don’t be a rehabilitation teacher, that’s a nutritionist?”

Jacob’s eyes were fierce to kill.

Guan Xiao cast his puzzled eyes on the group of people outside the door. The president didn’t want a doctor, a rehabilitation specialist, or a dietitian. What else could he want?

When Guan Xiao’s eyes fell on such a beautiful figure in the crowd, he had an instant epiphany. “President, should we bring a carer?”

The ice cold on Jacob’s face gradually dissipated. Guan Xiao secretly breathed a sigh of relief.

This flattery is finally in the right place.

Guan Xiao wiped the cold sweat from his forehead, walked out of the ward, and told the president’s decision to the entire medical team.

“The president decided to take only one caregiver to accompany him home. The others will just leave.”

Everyone at the door was stunned, “The caregiver?”

Irene wore blue protective work clothes and instantly became the most dazzling presence in the crowd.

Others envied her because she had the opportunity to enter the tourmaline manor, the top villa of the legendary diamond giant.

Irene pulled Guan Xiao aside and asked in a puzzled manner, “Did your CEO take his mind when making this decision? His body is still so weak. He needs a doctor, a rehabilitator, a nutrition coordinator, this nurse. It is the most useless, his tourmaline manor does not lack servants.”

Guan Xiao said, “The president made this decision because he was too clever.”

Irene thought for a while, “No, it’s related to his health. This matter must not be left to him. I’m in charge of him, Guan Xiao, and bring the medical team.”

Guan Xiao’s mouth was stunned, “Mrs., the president just showed you such a bad temper, you forgot so soon.”

The courage of his wife who can touch the president’s Ni Lin again and again makes Guan Xiao want to worship her.

Guan Xiao really overestimated Irene’s courage. Irene recalled Jacob’s temper tantrum, and she still had lingering fears at the moment.

However, Irene’s ability to withstand pressure is super strong.

“Get used to it.”

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