Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 588

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Chapter 588

Irene stubbornly stepped forward, “President, the discharge procedures can’t be done, or you don’t leave the hospital today…”

“f*ck…” Jacob was furious, this sound can be described as shaking the mountain.

Irene said in seconds, “Well, don’t be angry. Being angry is not good for your health. I will get out of it. I will get out of it.”

Then she dared not stay for a moment and ran outside.

Maybe it was too panic that she forgot to close the door tightly when she ran out.

Starlight appeared in Jacob’s eyes.

Outside the door, there was the whispering of Guan Xiao and Irene.

“Madam, what’s the matter with the president?” Guan Xiao asked in fear.

“I don’t know, probably I didn’t let him out of the hospital. He is angry, right?” Irene said in confusion.

Then, even thinking that this reason was unconvincing, she muttered to herself and added: “Could it be that menopause is here?”

Guan Xiao’s lips twitched. Reminded: “Mrs., the president is at the time when he is flourishing, and it is too early for menopause!”

Seeing his wife’s confused look, Guan Xiao asked cautiously: “Mrs., did the president recognize you?”

Guan Xiao felt that the president’s gaze had been venomous, and his love for Irene was in his bones. It was impossible not to recognize Irene.

If he recognizes his wife, it would be reasonable for the president to be so angry.

Irene leaned back against the door panel, and said with lingering fear, “You probably didn’t recognize me.”

Then the fan aggrieved: “Besides, if he really recognizes me, why should he make such a big fire on me. It’s not that he should be happy after a long absence.”

Guan Xiao was speechless.

“Madam, you left without saying goodbye, and the president looked for you crazy. After you left, you didn’t report to the president about your safety. Do you know how worried the president has been in the past two years?”

Irene is weak: “It’s not that I don’t want to report peace to him…”

It was true that every procedure was risky, and she herself didn’t know if she could complete this Nirvana transformation in peace. Why provoke him.

In the ward, Jacob clenched his fists tightly when he heard these words. The bloodshot eyes became redder, and the tears in the eye sockets were stained blood red.

Guan Xiao sighed, “Madam, you are too capricious, and the president is very angry about this. You can have a snack, next time you see the president, you have to think of a reason for leaving without saying goodbye. Otherwise, the president’s anger will not be so easy. Just let it out.”

Irene nodded, with an expression of great enlightenment. “Don’t worry. I will make up a good reason.”

Guan Xiao: “…”

Edit? Guan Xiao shook his head helplessly.

In this world, only Irene dared to fool his president like this.

Because he did not succeed in persuading the president to cancel his intention of leaving the hospital, Guan Xiao could only go to the president in frustration to go through the procedures for discharge.

Irene worried that after Jacob returned to the tourmaline, he would encounter many conspiracies. If she doesn’t stay with him, she will feel uneasy.

So Irene found the head nurse and begged: “Head nurse, please restore my status as a nurse.”

The head nurse felt very puzzled by Irene’s request: “his wife was disfigured before and was hiding here as a nurse to avoid the president.

But now, the wife is reborn from Nirvana, she is simply a beautiful woman who has amazing time. There is no need to hide from the president. Why do you still need to be a nurse? “

Irene explained melancholy: “Hey. Your president appreciates the taste of beautiful women. He likes my former dignity. He will be furious when he sees such a beautiful woman.”

The head nurse seemed to understand, but she quickly applied for a nursing certificate for her.

When Irene got the nursing certificate, she kissed the nursing certificate ecstatically.

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