Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 555

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Chapter 555

Everyone is amazed to hearing them saying this all.

Tian Changfa and everyone else took out a check from their arms and then handed it over to Paula.

One after another.

Especially some sharp-eyed Bai family members, after seeing a series of 0s on the check, their eyes almost fell out.

“One, ten, one hundred, one thousand, ten thousand, one hundred thousand, one million, ten million…sigh, one hundred million!!!”


When a sharp-eyed Bai family member counted the check that Tian Changfa handed to Paula, his eyes almost fell out.

“God… my goodness! That’s a 100 million check, how is this possible!”


Hearing this person’s words, Mr. Bai and others next to him trembled in fear.

Check of 100 million?

This is simply an astronomical figure, even for their Bai family, it is a huge sum of money.

And now, Tian Changfa has given it as compensation for Paula.

This makes people unable to believe their eyes.


When Mr. Bai’s eyes swept past the chaebol patrons who bowed to Paula and looked at the cheques that were offered respectfully, Mr. Bai suddenly felt that his breathing was fast, making him dizzy.

Not only him!

Haibai, Harper, and the others were all dumbfounded.

“Oh my God, just one check from Chief Tian is worth hundreds of millions! With so many chaebols and so many cheques, doesn’t it mean more than one billion?”



Thinking of this terrifying amount, all the Bai family members felt a tingling scalp.

“How this is possible! Shaun has broken their legs, then why these people are giving checks to Paula?”

Harper’s eyelids jumped wildly, as if he had seen a ghost, he couldn’t believe his eyes.

But, not only them!

Paula, Elvira, and Bai Shan were all dumbfounded.

What happened to them?

They were ready to face the disaster, but they couldn’t even dream that the situation would have such a big reversal.

Instead of being retaliated against, the other party apologized and offered compensation, which gave them the illusion of dreaming.

“Mom! This is Clan Tian Chief, you can accept it!”

Shaun said with a smile.

Hearing this!

Tian Changfa and others got excited instantly.

Shaun agreed to let Paula accept the checks, which is equivalent to forgiving them and accepting their plea.

Tian Changfa waited for the chaebol patriarchs, and hurriedly stuffed the cheques in Paula’s hand and then he said:

“Madam, again we apologize for today’s incident!”

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