Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 554

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Chapter 554

Even Paula’s heart rose to her throat.

She knows the connection between Shaun and Tianlong Xu and others.

But now!

These people are Jiangnan City’s business tycoons.

Especially, Shaun broke the legs of these princelings, this is definitely an unending vengeance.

“Excuse me, who is Ms. Paula?”

Tian Changfa’s words resounded.

Hearing this!

Paula’s body trembled slightly, and then she stood up with excitement and said:

“I am Paula!”

“This incident was caused by me. It has nothing to do with my daughter and my son-in-law! If you want revenge, I’m here for you!”

Paula obviously had plans to save Shaun and Elvira even if she spared her life.

It’s just that she doesn’t know.

After hearing this.



Tian Hao and others got scared to pee, and they all fell to their knees in fright.


Are you the mother-in-law of the global car king’s KING, and chairman of Universal Group?

Your fate?

Even if all Jiangnan chaebols got eliminated, no one would dare to take it!

Thinking of this.

Under the unbelievable sight of everyone, Tian Hao, Qiu Jie and other members of the princeling party knelt to the ground one after another, pleading to Paula.

“Madam, I’m Tian Hao who offended you before. Please forgive me!”

“By the way, I had offended you and I deserves death in punishment. I will slap myself and apologize to you!”

While talking in a panic, Tian Hao immediately waved his palm, and slammed his face down!

A loud slap in the face resounded continuously throughout the courtyard.


With every slap Tian Hao slapped himself, he almost used the energy to suckle.

In an instant, his face became red and a print of his hand appeared on his cheeks.


All the people saw that the young man with broken legs kneeling on the ground was panic and was slapping himself.

Seeing this scene all the Bai family members got stunned.

How is this possible.

Aren’t they here to take revenge?

Why did he just kneel down?

What’s this, what going on!


Everyone seemed to be dreaming at this moment.

But this is more than that.

Under the shocked eyes of everyone, they saw Tian Changfa, Qiu Feng, and a group of Jiangnan chaebol leaders, all bowed deeply to Paula and then humbled:

“Madam, please forgive us that we have offended you, we request that kindly be merciful on us!”

“In addition, each of our families has prepared a small compensation, which is regarded as compensation for offending you today!”

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