Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 824

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Chapter 824

The strict tone has softened a bit, but there is a bit of certainty: “The Yan family and the Tian family are incompatible with water and fire. Our Yan family’s children must not marry their Tian family.”

Irene sat next to her, knocking the seeds carelessly.

Silvia’s words made her feel like a thorn in her back.

In order to steal the trade secrets of the other party, Silvia actually did a fake Hetian corn?

Is it worth sacrificing marriage in exchange for fame and fortune?

Silvia resorted to her assassin, “Dad, Tian Corn is pregnant with my flesh and blood. I will marry her no matter what.”

Strictly shaken by the news. “What did you say?”

Silvia said: “I and Tian Zei are already together. Tian Yuan Hao also knew about this. He personally agreed to marry Tian Zei to his son.”

Strictly angrily said: “No, not a penny.”

Silvia thought that Strict was deliberately making things difficult for her, and stared at Strict with red eyes.

“I knew that Dad will always have only one son in his heart. Irene used so much money to go out to start a business, and he eventually established a small company. After a few years, he was unknown. And I just asked you to pay 50 million. When I get married, you will find all kinds of excuses. No matter, I don’t want you to pay the money.”

After Silvia finished speaking, she turned around and left.

Cui Anru hurried forward and dragged Silvia’s hand, crying and crying: “Xiaoxiao, don’t leave, father doesn’t care about you, mother helps you find a way.”

Cui Anru deliberately stimulated strictness, “Master, can your conscience go away? It is also your son, why can Irene lose so much money, and my son just asks you for 50 million, so you push three and four? “

“You feel your conscience and say, are you worthy of Xiaoxiao? Xiaoxiao was scolded as a wild breed when he was a child, and you can’t protect him. Now he has grown up and is about to get married. The first time he asked you for some money, you wanted Reject him? You…do you still have a conscience?”

Strictly bowed his head in shame.

For Cui Anru these two children, he really felt owed to them.

But strict and helpless: “You didn’t know that our Yan family was going bankrupt, and we were all almost exhausted in debt. Where could there be so much money to marry him?”

Sighed strictly frustrated.

Strictly, it is really impossible to spend so much money, but Cui Anru’s mother and son are pressing hard. His old face showed a grey-blue depression.

Irene couldn’t bear to be so embarrassed by her father. She remembered Jacob’s alimony for her child, and decided to solve this problem for her father.

“Dad, don’t worry about it. I still have some money. I will give this hundred million yuan to Silvia.”

I am very grateful for Irene’s help strictly.

“Irene, thanks to you.”

Cui Anru said sourly: “We are all from the Yan family. We are so poor, why are you so rich?”

She suspected that the old lady gave Irene money privately.

Silvia agreed: “Since I have money, why don’t you take it out for emergency? Forcing my dad to sell the villa on Apple Street.”

Irene was very disgusted with the greedy nature of the mother and daughter. “How can you manage my money?”

Cui Anru said, “Master, our Yan family is on the verge of bankruptcy. At this time, everyone should work together and unite to fight the difficulties. But some people have selfish intentions. They hide so much money and don’t use it. They watch every day. We ate coarse tea and light rice. This family is eccentric, I think it will come to an end.”

Irene angrily explained: “Auntie Cui. This money is not from Yan’s family, it is the child’s support for Jacob. I misappropriated the child’s money to help you in an emergency, but you don’t know what is good or bad. In that case, this money I’m not out, you can do it yourself.”

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