Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 715

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Chapter 715

“I don’t believe you, you are so strong!”


The wolf pulled out the spikes from his waist, and when the fishing rod struck, he suddenly resisted the fishing rod!


However, what makes the wolf unbelievable is that when the fishing rod crossed the spikes, his spikes actually broke apart like paper.

Then snorted!

The wolf only felt his neck cool, and he heard the sound of his neck being severed.

Then, his gaze slowly fell along with his head.

Seeing his body falling to the ground, the whole head, grumbling, rolled to the ground.


At this moment, after all the four wolves in the northwest had died, the lake was plunged into a deadly silence.

Only the traces of scarlet blood constantly flowed out, filling this piece of air with a bloody atmosphere, and it gave people a feeling of scalp tingling.

Who can imagine that the four wolves in the Northwest, who have been so cruel and brutal as they were unimaginable, have been killed in seconds.

If this scene was seen by outsiders, they will definitely be scared to pee.

“It’s a pity!”

At this moment, the old fishing man didn’t seem to have killed four people, to him it was like crushing four ants.

With a flick of his palm, all the blood above the fishing rod disappeared and then shook again.


The fishing rod without the hook was once again thrown into the lake by him.


Still fishing!

This old man is not simply fishing at all, he seems to be fishing in a realm!

Fishing for life, fishing for death!

Time passed slowly.

And when an hour has just passed.

The old man frowned slightly.

He couldn’t help raising his head and looking towards the blue sky.

The sky, without any flying birds or clouds, was clear blue, but it was just a minute later.

A loud buzzing sound came from above the sky.

It turned out to be a helicopter!

The helicopter landed slowly.

Then the door of the plane opened.

A bodyguard in black came out from inside.

These black-clothed bodyguards included Chinese people and foreigners with eagle-eyed noses, everyone of them was strong and burly, with all their waists bulging, and they were carrying a pistol.

A full ten bodyguards are divided into two rows.

Then, a young man who seemed to have been hollowed out by the wine slowly walked down from the cabin.

If Kelly was here, she would definitely recognize that this person was Lei Zhang, the youngest member of the Zhang family!

The cousin who once planned to assassinate her.

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