Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 902

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Chapter 902

That is to drink the pieces completely.

No matter how Janice beat him, he didn’t respond.

Janice was tired from the fight, crying enough, and fell to the ground, staring blankly in a daze.


Irene’s tortured voice sounded over and over again.

Janice found the double-sided tape and sealed his mouth.

Then, standing by the bedside, looking at Irene condescendingly, as if looking at his own prey.

“Irene, you bastard.” She gritted her teeth and scolded him.

“You ruined me for a lifetime. You made me lose the ability to love. You made me have no longing for the future.”

Janice turned around, depressed the more she thought about it, took out a bottle of wine from the wine cabinet, opened it, and drank with her neck back.

She doesn’t know when Janice’s life can’t live without wine.

Maybe in countless lonely nights, she needs to rely on alcohol to drive out insomnia. Gradually, she became a drinking addict.

Janice drank bottle after bottle, obviously wanting to use alcohol to expel her unwillingness, but in the end, all the unwillingness turned into ants gnawing every nerve, making her turbulent and restless.

When she walked to the bed, in those beautiful and enchanting eyes, all her unwillingness gathered into a fierce and fierce light.

Finally, she rudely pulled out Irene’s clothes…

The chaotic consciousness, with the pain, gathered little by little.

Janice looked at the messy room and was completely awakened at this moment.

What a terrible mistake she made, she actually put Irene, a married man to sleep.

God, what is she doing?

She hurriedly dressed him, cleaned up all the crimes quickly, and sprayed on her favorite perfume…rose perfume.

Even if all the traces of mistakes were obliterated, her heart still thumped.

She despised herself, how could she do such an unethical thing.

She thought of Tan Xiaoyu, who was gentle and virtuous in the Yan family, and she felt so sorry.

At this moment, Janice, who had been condemned by her conscience, was gripping her hair in pain. She wishes to tear off her hair one by one, and use this pain to divert the pain of her conscience.

After a long period of repentance, Janice finally figured out a way to make up for this mistake-she kept this secret for eternal life.

After Irene slept all night, slowly opened her eyes, her hangover headache made her frown.

Janice was lying on the sofa bed next to her. Irene saw Janice as if she had seen a monster, and suddenly jumped out of the bed.

“Janice, why are you here?”

Then she looked down at her clothes and made sure that they were intact, before she breathed a sigh of relief.

Janice looked at her speechlessly, “Irene, what…what do you mean? Do you think you live with me and I will be against you?”

She said a little lack of confidence.

Irene smirked.

“I’m not worried that you will be unruly to me, I am worried that I will be unruly after drinking and will be unruly to you.”

Janice said, “Don’t worry, you slept like a dead pig yesterday, nothing happened.”

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