Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 770

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Chapter 770

I just want to abolish you!

When they heard Shaun’s words, whether it was He Jiaojiao in the room or the senior man next to her, they were all dumbfounded.

What happened?

The great doctor Lin scolded He Jiaojiao when he came in, and even threatened to abolish this woman. What is the issue?

Gao Zhiyuan’s ominous premonition grew stronger, and he wanted to ask something immediately.

But at this moment, an unbelievable scene appeared.


He saw that after Shaun had finished saying this, his toes touched the ground, and then a whip kick hit He Jiaojiao’s right leg in front of him.


Almost instantly, Shaun’s soles kicked heavily on He Jiaojiao’s thighs.

He Jiaojiao’s thighs snapped like rotten wood.


She fell on the ground fiercely.


A series of harsh and penetrating screams came from He Jiaojiao’s mouth. Until then, she only felt a thunderous pain coming from her leg.

This is more than that.

He Jiaojiao was horrified to see that her thigh was kicked off by Shaun.

The white bone spurs pierced the skin of her thighs and pants, revealing everything.

The scarlet blood gurgled endlessly.



This scene didn’t look like a human foot at all, but rather like He Jiaojiao was hit by a car.

“Ah… asshole! You, you broke my leg!”

“Why! Why did you do this!”

He Jiaojiao’s pretty face with heavy make-up was full of panic.

Especially the pain due to broken broken leg.

She was trembling in pain, and she was dripping with cold sweat.

More than her!

After seeing her tragic injury both Gao Zhiyuan and the old man got nervous.

Ok… this is so ruthless!

They had never seen a person this cruel, and almost without the slightest sign, he kicked off her leg.

This kind of cruelty made Gao Lao and Xiao Bailian’s scalp numb.

After hearing He Jiaojiao’s scream, Shaun’s mouth curled up:


“Because I said, you can’t walk out of the hospital!”

After speaking, Shaun slowly took off his mask!


After seeing Shaun’s face, He Jiaojiao and her companion got completely stunned.

“It is you?”

He Jiaojiao could hardly believe her eyes.

Isn’t the person I’m here to see is genius doctor Lin?

How could it be this old hat?


Could it be that he is impersonating!

“Old man, hurry up! Find someone to catch this bastard who is posing as the genius doctor Lin!”

“He kicked and broke my leg and dared to pretend to be the genius doctor Lin. It’s damn!”

He Jiaojiao screamed at the old man.

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