Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 975

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Chapter 975

Irene suddenly confessed to him: “I like you.”

Jacob resisted, “I’m not rare.”

Irene’s mouth opened slightly…The unprecedented frustration enveloped her.

“No need to think about it?”

Jacob stared at her with an indifferent look of “why waste time on such boring things”.

Irene pouted, trying to sell herself with some lack of confidence, “I’m good. People who are stupid and have a lot of money are especially painful. There are countless men who like me in the capital.”

Jacob’s lips twitched violently!

“Are you sure those men don’t like you because they like your money?”

Irene said: “How is it possible, I am the most attractive woman on the list of celebrities in the imperial capital.”

Jacob looked at the “Celebrity Records” he had just bought on his desk, and his mouth twitched, “Because you are the only female on the list.”

Irene: “…”

Can’t chat anymore.

Irene felt that she must have chased the man in the wrong way.

Saying “I like you” to a man is absolutely outdated.

“As long as you accept me, I can give you money, a lot of money.” Irene looked aggressive.

Damn, the money is his anyway!

Come back after all the money is gone!

Jacob’s blood spurted with anger, and glared at Irene, “I didn’t sell it out.”

Irene said: “Then I can post money and sell myself to you!”

Jacob: “…”

Irene sat down beside him in frustration.

There is no routine, no scheming, to persuade humanity with morality, “I know, you can’t accept the love of strong women and weak men, you are afraid that I will ride on your head in the future to dominate.”

“Don’t worry, after we are together, I promise to let you on it every day.”

Jacob: “…”

Can you just keep driving?

Zhan Han sighed and said solemnly, “Miss Yan, I am married.”

Irene was stunned in the same place, not knowing how to answer.

She wants to tell him that she is his righteous wife. But before she knew the relationship between Qiulian and him, she didn’t dare to do it rashly.

She is afraid that he will be caught between the old and the new.

She is afraid that his body can’t stand the torture.

The only thing Irene can do now is to work hard to please him. Let him fall in love with her again and return to her willingly.

The atmosphere of the two people suddenly cooled down.

Irene’s straightforward remarks just now seemed pale and weak in front of him as a “married man”.

Jacob gave her a glance and said coldly and ruthlessly: “From now on, don’t come to me.”

“Isn’t it OK to communicate normally like friends?”

Jacob’s rationality is so heinously calm: “Moldy seeds will be killed at the beginning of germination.”

Irene gas knot.

Huo Di stood up, gritted his teeth and said: “You will regret it.”

“There is no regret in my dictionary.”

Irene suddenly smiled coquettishly, “If you regret it, turn around and beg me, I too…” I wanted to say something spineless, but the words changed when they came to my lips, “My f*cking I will spoil you well.”

Jacob’s face was caged with frost, “You can go now.”

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