Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 976

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Chapter 976

At this time, Guan Xiao hurried in and said anxiously: “President, Jincao is not optimistic.”

Irene angrily said to Jacob, “You don’t need to push me, I will go by myself.” Then she left Jacob and walked outside.

As if Jacob’s brain was bombed, it instantly became blank.

What happened to Jincao?

He chased out suddenly, “Miss Yan?”

Irene turned her head to look at him, “What are you doing?”

“Can you give me a ride?”

“Aren’t you not begging me?” Irene was so angry that her cheeks bulged into two buns. It looks—somewhat cute.

Obviously still angry with him.

Jacob: “…”

But at this moment, he suddenly heard Irene’s angry voice, “Get in the car.”

Jacob walked over and sat next to her.

Guan Xiao is responsible for driving.

Irene’s gaze has been staring at the sunflowers on the car. She also said to him: “Why send me sunflowers? How can there be eternal happiness in this world?”

Jacob always felt that she was pointing fingers at Sang Huai, but he really couldn’t think of what Sunflower had to do with him, so he would just act as a listener.

Ferrari soon came downstairs to Media Asia.

Jacob felt that he was already fast enough to open the car door. Unexpectedly, Irene almost kicked the car door and flew out like an arrow from a string.

While waiting for the elevator, Jacob stared at Irene more in wonder. Seeing her nervousness and anxiety overflowing on her body. Jacob’s heart was a little moved, but it was fleeting.

Come to the intensive care unit on the ninth floor.

The doctor just got off the operating table and reported his work to Irene very rigorously, “President, Jincao’s desire to survive is too weak. His breathing is getting weaker, so we have to interrupt the operation.”

Irene glanced at Jacob, and said, “Put him in sterile clothes and let him go in and chat with Jincao.”

Jacob put on sterile clothes and entered the intensive care unit.

But even though he was concerned about Jincao in every possible way, he was a person who said little, and for people who hadn’t saved the past, he didn’t know how to encourage Jincao at all.

Irene was very anxious to see Jincao’s ECG go down. Simply put on the sterile clothes and came to the intensive care unit.

When Jacob saw her coming, he was a little surprised. “What are you doing?”

Irene teased and said: “If you just look at him quietly like this, he will have the desire to survive?”

There was a sense of powerlessness in Jacob’s faint pupils.

Irene stood shoulder to shoulder with him, Jacob always wanted to keep a certain distance from her. As the person moved back, Irene suddenly took his hand!

Jacob was so shocked that his pupil was immediately covered with ice. “This is the intensive care unit, please respect yourself?”

Irene glared at him suddenly, “Where did you want to go? Even if I am a love beast, I won’t be in heat in this place!”

Jacob: “…”

Irene took his hand and put his hand on Jincao’s hand. Irene said: “Jingcao, the person you want to protect is here, he is very good, so you have to live.”

Jacob stared at her blankly…

Her voice was as gentle as coaxing a child to sleep.

Irene realized that he was looking at her and looked at him sideways.

Her eyes had no time to modify, as gentle as moonlight.

Jacob’s heart suddenly jumped a little fast for some reason.

Irene smiled and said: “You should talk to him. He will definitely get better when he hears your voice.”

“I see.” Jacob said.

At this time, the doctor’s voice came from the side, “The patient’s heartbeat is resuscitated, it’s great.”

Irene stretched her tight forehead.

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