Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 820

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Chapter 820

The little girl’s voice was almost pleading.

After hearing Shaun’s voice, she knew immediately that it was the big brother who appeared in her life like a god.

However, she did not dare to recognize him.

She owes too much to her elder brother.

She didn’t want her ugly face to scare him.

Oh oh…

Looking at Xun’er, who was already crying on the ground, Shaun’s heart seemed to be struck by a knife, causing his breathing to freeze.

He knew that in this short period, something terrible must have happened to Xun’er’.

Thinking of this.

Shaun took a deep look at Xun’er before saying:

“Okay! The big brother promises you! Since you don’t want to see your big brother, then I go now!”

That’s it!

Shaun patted Xun’er on the thin shoulder, then turned and left.

Xun’er squatted on the ground, her small head drooping, and her hands pressed hard to cover her cheeks.

Until she heard the sound of the electric car leaving.

Her crying stopped slowly.

She raised her head and looked at the figure of Shaun riding away on an electric bike. A trace of guilt appeared in Xun’er’s eyes:

“Big brother! I’m sorry, it’s not me who doesn’t want to see you, and it’s not me who didn’t want to recognize you, but currently, I’m so ugly!”

“I’m afraid, I will scare you!”

That’s it.

Xun’er wiped the tears from the scars on her face, and then once again struggling to pick up the basket full of rotten vegetable leaves, and then staggered towards the North District.

However, she did not find out.

A figure slowly followed behind her.

It was Shaun.

North District!

In the slums, here and the bustling Jiangshi city is like two worlds.

Pieces of unfinished buildings, muddy roads.

The garbage bags on the side of the road are constantly flying under the breeze, and the air exudes a suffocating smell.

And at the moment.

A thin figure, carrying a basket full of vegetable leaves, staggered along the mud road.



While walking, tears still falling from Xun’er’s eyes.

If it weren’t for the scars on her face, too ugly, she would want to recognize the big brother, look at him, and say thank you.

That man saved her life and gave her and her money and vegetables.

He is the most grateful benefactor Xun’er has seen in her life.

Wiping the tears on her ugly little face, Xun’er strenuously carried the vegetable basket and walked towards a dilapidated courtyard.


When Xun’er turned the corner, she suddenly saw that two cars had already been parked in front of the door of the broken yard in front.

Not only that.

An old lady who was blind was thrown out of this shabby yard.

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