Today I Give Up Trying Chapter 819

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Chapter 819

As soon as he walked into the garbage dump, there was a pungent rotting stench.

But it is the unpleasant smell of many vegetables after they rot.


Shaun just walked up to the little girl and yelled.


Shaun suddenly saw that after hearing the shout, Xun’er’s thin and delicate body trembled fiercely.

“Sir, you have admitted the wrong person! I… I am not Xun’er…”

that’s it!

Xun’er looked like a frightened little rabbit. She didn’t even dare to even look at Shaun, so she wanted to run to the side of the garbage dump with a vegetable basket on her back.

And this scene made Shaun frown.

He heard the panic in Xun’er’s voice. Now Shaun hurried forward, grabbed Xun’er’s little hand, and said:

“Xun’er, you recognize me, why are you hiding from your big brother?”

Shaun remembered clearly.

Every time Xun’er calls her eldest brother, that kind of intimacy and sweetness, like a little angel.

But now.

At this moment, after hearing these words from Shaun, Xun’er’s small body trembled fiercely again.

With her back to Shaun, she never dared to turn around.



However, Shaun saw that crystal tears were continuously falling from Xun’er’s eyes, falling to the ground and shattering.

This scene gave Shaun a bad feeling:

“Xun’er! What happened to you? Turn around and let Big Brother see!”

After Shaun finished speaking, he gently turned Xun’er’s small shoulder with both hands.


When Xun’er’s pretty face was faced, Shaun.


Shaun only felt his head stunned, and could hardly believe his eyes.


That’s right!

Xun’er’s original small face, which looked like an angel, there were many scars on it.

These scars, bloodshot, seem to have just crusted.

Vertically and horizontally densely, Xun’er’s little pretty face was shattered.

It looks ugly.

Shaun could see at a glance, these scars were all stab wounds.

He simply couldn’t imagine who was so cruel, disfigured a five to six-year-old girl.

“Big…Big brother! Please, don’t look at Xun’er! Xun’er is ugly, Xun’er… No, I don’t want to scare you!”

Xun’er was facing Shaun at this moment.

Her small hands hurriedly covered her ugly face, and she squatted on the ground, with puffy teardrops constantly falling from between her fingers.

“Big…Big brother! Go! Xun’er is fine, Xun’er is really fine, after the scar on Xun’er’s face will heal, Xun’er will visit you again, okay?”

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