Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 1049

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Chapter 1049

Just when he was about to relieve Irene, who knew that the actor’s hand wiped Irene’s waist, and Irene slapped him viciously.

There was an explosion in the air.

Everyone’s eyes were cast.

Then he saw the crowd moving here, and several women screamed, “Ah, King Xuntian was beaten?”

The hottest fried chicken, Li Xun, who is less than thirty years old, has won the laurel of the actor three times. Fans call him King Shuntian.

Such a hot star is highly touted wherever he goes. Today’s celebration banquet is also the director who finally invited him to the hot scene. The appearance fee is high.

Never thought that King Shuntian was beaten by an unknown woman?

King Xuntian immediately clutched his hot face, pointed at Irene and shouted angrily: “Who are you? How dare you hit me? Do you know who I am?”

Questions erupted from the crowd, “Who invited this woman? So ignorant of the sky and earth.”

Janice covered her face, almost didn’t want to see this scene.

She just wants to gain a foothold in the entertainment industry by her true ability, and she doesn’t want others to know that she has an unusual relationship with the well-known president of Media Asia.

Of course Irene saw Janice’s escaping face, she staggered to the front of King Xun Tian, apologizing humblely, “I’m sorry, I confessed to the wrong person. King Xun Tian, you are my idol, and I am your rice noodle. “

The corners of Jacob’s lips twitched, and this woman was really loving.

King Xun Tian was beaten in public, losing face. However, seeing Irene with a beautiful face and a fan, his anger disappeared in half.

“Are you my fan?”

“Yes, I watch every play of yours. I know what you sing.”

It was originally a large-scale face-smashing scene, but it turned into a live fan meeting. Everyone was a little confused.

“Then which role do you like best for me?”

Irene racked her brains and thought: “This… God Emperor Xuanming? Xiao Jue, or Bao’er?”

Wang Xuntian’s face became more and more ugly, “I didn’t play the drama “The Mad Concubine of Chinese Medicine”.”

Irene was a little broken, “I drank too much, and I couldn’t remember. Looking back, I will tell you that I will memorize the lines of every character you play. You have to believe me, I am really your fan? “

“King Xuntian, can’t you see it, she is teasing you.” A woman reminded him viciously.

King Xuntian said with a sullen face, “Who invited this friend?”

Janice stood out reluctantly, “It’s me.”

“Huh, the new heroine is so swollen? Boom out.” His bodyguard of Xuntian Dynasty winked.

The bodyguard immediately surrounded Janice and Irene.

Jacob stood up, swept across the crowd coldly, and said, “Who dares?”

The bodyguard was frightened by his fierce aura, and Jacob said, “No matter how popular it is, it is still an actor. Before you show off, you must first understand who is standing in front of you? It doesn’t matter if you lose your job, don’t get involved here. Everyone is blocked.”

This attack immediately made those trivial celebrities nervous.

“Janice, who are they?” They would think of asking Irene’s identity.

Janicerao sighed helplessly. “Irene, President of Media Asia.”

This identity was revealed, as if the devil’s palm was dropped and immediately settled the demons in the area.

The venue became silent.

Irene drunk and said, “Don’t worry, I won’t make you embarrassed. As long as you get along well with my Janice.”

Everyone sighed, and suddenly felt that this female president was not as terrible as the legend.

Who knows, in the second half of the sentence, Irene said with a strong vengeance: “If anyone deliberately makes things difficult for her, I will let him never see the scenery coming out of the red sun.”

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