Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 1050

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Chapter 1050

Janice slapped her head and asked Jacob to say, “Brother, will you take her away?”

Jacob said coldly: “Know that she doesn’t drink well, don’t tell her next time in such a mess.”

Janice said, “I was wrong.”

Jacob took Irene’s hand, his movements were a bit rude, and he strode outside.

Guan Xiao didn’t know where to drive the car to fight, so Jacob had to take a taxi.

Tucked the drunk Irene into the car, and then asked her, “Where to go?”

Irene placed softly on his shoulders and said, “I will go wherever you are.”

Jacob squeezed his painful forehead and said to the driver, “Go to the Calendar Garden.”

Along the way, she felt as if she had been boned, and she lay on him as soft as boneless. And he straightened her again and again, repeating, he gave up.

Although she was resting on his shoulders, her body rolled down on his lap, and then fell asleep on his knees.

His face is ugly.

When he made up his mind to wake up the drunk, he could see her slap-big white face, as innocent as a baby after falling asleep. All the toughness and coldness in his heart was adorned by her.

Finally, he took off his coat and covered her.

After the driver sent them to the Calendar Garden, Jacob patted her on the face, “Hey, you are home, can you get off the car?”

Irene turned over and continued to fall asleep.

He walked around helplessly and got out of the car, dragging her out of the car.

Obviously she was very rude, but she still slept soundly.

Jacob dragged her into the room, and when she threw her onto the bed, her hands suddenly wrapped his arms around his neck.

He was forced to look at her face up close.

Only after coming out from the celebrity celebration party, he saw those women who were very well-dressed and were born with nice faces. But no one is as outstanding as Irene.

Irene’s hand suddenly slipped under him, holding him tightly, unwilling to separate.

He broke her fingers apart one by one, but just after breaking one hand, the other stubbornly came up again.

Finally he simply lay down beside her, letting her hold him.

She drilled into his arms.

Jacob looked at the little woman in his arms helplessly, “Irene, did you know that you have the bad virtue of being drunk?”

Her body burned quickly by the heat.

Jacob was both terrified and surprised. He has been very cold in that respect in recent years, especially when facing his wife, he has no desire at all.

He thought he was sick in that area.

But facing Irene, he knew that he was not sick at all.

He needs great restraint to restrain his evil thoughts towards her.

Irene suddenly turned over, and Jacob looked at this convulsive girl, and closed his eyes. Could it be sleepwalking?

Unexpectedly, Irene suddenly pressed down, and two lips fell on him.

Jacob felt that he was about to lose control completely.

He stretched out his hand between Irene and his lips.

However, Irene’s strength was as powerful as a cow, and he did not expect to use such a powerful force against her.

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