Sir Ares Good Night Chapter 419

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Chapter 419

At the banquet, Jacob frequently served Grace with dishes.

The vegetables in Grace’s bowl were piled like hills, which made her complain.

“Warlord, Xiuen loves to die quickly.”

Jacob’s face turned black, “Where did you open the crow’s mouth?”

In the past, the little mouth was sweet, and a single word made him unable to sleep for days and nights.

Nowadays, his little mouth is poisonous, and every word of thunder makes him feel tender.

If he knows who consecrated her, he will be broken into pieces.

Put down the dishes and chopsticks, no appetite.

Then move to the outdoor garden to rest.

Grace followed out with a guilty conscience. It is not good for her to offend this Buddha thoroughly.

But as soon as she went out, she was surrounded by a group of ladies, who all envy and hate her.

“Miss Luo, you are Mrs. War now. You can take more care of us in the future.”

“Zhan Shao loves you so much, you are really fate.”

Grace smiled forcefully.

Her marriage to Jacob will only last for a short day.

All these days when the stars hold the moon are just a short-lived.

After Jacob had spoken with his friend, he walked towards her.

Grace caught a glimpse of Jacob, deliberately increased the volume, and said loudly, “Now I am Mrs. Zhan, of course I have to take care of you. If you encounter any difficulties in the future, just tell me.”

“My husband loves me very much. I ask him to help you call you. He won’t refuse me.”

Although those women dislike the poor and love the rich, they are all well-educated people. It seemed to them very stupid to look for things like Jacob in order to show off like Grace.

Although they flattered Grace. However, there was a gleeful expression on her face.

Just waiting to watch Grace roll over the car.

Jacob walked to Grace calmly and gracefully.

Grace changed her arrogant appearance. The posture is low, the voice is quiet, even the waist is inexplicably soft.


Jacob gently patted the back of her head. “Call my husband!”


“Didn’t you call it well just now?”

Grace stunned.

“Master Zhan, have you heard everything?”

“Didn’t you tell me on purpose?”

Grace’s beautiful face collapsed instantly.

It turned out that he had seen through her tricks.

“This kind of trick of killing an enemy with one thousand and eight hundred is too stupid.” Jacob added coldly.

Grace: “…”

This guy’s brain circuit is really f*cking weird. When he didn’t make him angry, he kept his private face.

When deliberately annoyed him, he smiled more than Huajiao.

“Why, I’m not angry and you are disappointed?”

Grace: “…”

Damn it, she seemed gloomy in her heart.

“I said that to you, are you really angry?” Grace always felt unbelievable.

Jacob smiled, “In front of me, allow you to indulge.”

Grace: “…”

“It’s not that it looks calm on the surface, but in fact, I was eager to cut off my tongue with a forty-meter machete?”

Jacob put his mouth close to her ear and said, “To deal with you, the knife is not suitable, the bullet is more suitable.”

Grace thought of the dirty picture inexplicably, and her cheeks flushed with shame.

“You… hate it!” Finally ran away in shame.

The women obviously didn’t notice the nervousness of Jacob and Grace’s needlepoint towards Maimang, but they could clearly feel Zhan Shao’s love for Grace.

It really surprised them!

Be jealous of Grace mad.

She is a vulgar and ignorant country girl, and Shao Zhan actually dotes on her so much, it is hard to understand.

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